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Being a dad

Parenting Videos Online - Episode 3

Episode 3: Dad’s day – the role of the modern dad

This epsiode you can hear Lochie Daddo talk about how parenting has changed him and how he and his wife Karina Brown balance out their lives. Better Homes and Gardens presenter Rob Palmer and his wife join us too, so we get to hear both sides of the story. Our dad’s also speak honestly about what they feel they’re missing. Rachel asks the lads, who really does what around the house and how have their relationships changes with their partners after becoming parents. Take the opportunity to find out what Dads really think.

Episode 3 Being a dad

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Our guests include:

  • Better Homes and Garden presenter Rob Palmer
  • TV personality Lochie Daddo
  • Stay at home dad Adam Stockley
  • Dad and businessman, Andrew Baxter

Q&A session:

  • Adam Stockley, stay at home dad, tells it like it really is to have the shoe on the other foot. Is it any different for a man to be at home? Read his answers to these and more questions.

What changes for dad after bub arrives?

We often talk about how life changes for mums after baby arrives but what about dads? Lochie Daddo and Rob Palmer join Rachel and a group of other dads to give us the blokes view. What’s the best thing about being a dad? And working dads talk candidly about their disappointment at getting home and finding the kids are already asleep. We also hear about a stay-at-home dad’s view of his role.

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Who does what around the house?

The endless debate continues! Who actually does what jobs around the house? The blokes tell us they pull their weight around the house, but who really is scrubbing the toilet? The men share their thoughts on what really happens at home as well as their desires to be involved with their kids.

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A dad’s role

What do dads see as their role? Are they the provider for their family? Are they responsible for giving mums a break or do they see their role differently? The dads on the couch talk about needing time for themselves, time away from being a dad. But do they experience ‘fatherguilt’? Or is it just the mothers who seem to experience ‘motherguilt’ at every opportunity. The answer to this question will amaze you. The one thing the Dads seemed to all agree on they have little, or no, time to spend alone with their partner.

  • Read the Q&A that occurred after Episode 3 with Adam Stockley, a home dad.

What your partner can do for you!

This funny light hearted discussion amongst the men deals with what they would like their partners to do for them. Lochie Daddo shares with us a great idea from his wife. She gave him a book of vouchers as a gift, and each voucher gave him some time off from being a dad, and time to go surfing, play golf or have a few drinks with mates…The good news is, this idea can work just as well for the women as it does for the men!

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