Swing, Batta Batta!

Duration: any

Age: baby

Skill for Bub: Muscle Builder, Mind Builder


Give your baby “batting” practice by dangling toys above her and encouraging her to take a swing. Older siblings will love to pinch-hit for mom, too!

A simple way to amuse your baby, this activity will help to develop her large motor skills and senses of sight and sound.

  • Lay your baby on her back, facing up.
  • Dangle toys that make sounds, such as plastic keys or rattles, over her body. Since most babies will kick with their feet before they swat with their arms, initially hang the toys closer to her legs.
  • Once your child begins reaching up with her arms, you can hold the toys further up her body, in range of both limbs.
  • You can also help to develop her sense of hearing by shaking the toys on one side of her and then the other. Moving the toy side to side in her line of vision will enhance her vision. You’ll love watching her move her head in the direction of the toy.