Number flash cards

Duration: short

Age: toddler, child, parent

Skill for Bub: Mind Builder


Play off your computer this interactive set of number flash cards. You can also print your own set and follow our ideas on how to use them for your childs learning.

Launch Game

Click on the “Launch Game” button to experience an interactive version of the Number Flash Cards. You can choose to “Play All” where it will play the numbers from 0-1 with a voice teaching your child each letter. Or sit with your child and go through the numbers one by one using the left/right arrows beside the cards. Alternatively, you can also click the “Listen” button to hear the voice read each number aloud, one by one.

To view the interactive Flash cards, you will need to have Adobe Flash Player. You can download this for free at the Adobe website.

Listed below are a whole lot of ideas of how to use these cards. Remember to adjust each activity according to your child’s age and ability and above all – be positive, patient and give them lots of praise.

How old am I ?

Ask your child how old they are. Help them find the number that shows their age. You can ask other questions like – How old will they be after their next birthday, when they go to pre school, when they go to school, how old their brother or sister is etc…

Counting Fun

This one is fairly obvious to all us adults but it will be a whole new world for the younger kids. Pick one card at a time. Identify the number and go through the word as well. Count all the objects on the card. Practise counting items around the house too.


Lay out 3 or 4 cards in a row. Go through the cards together with your child and talk about the numbers and images. Ask you child to close their eyes and take one away. See if they can pick the one that’s missing, then it’s your turn.

Simple Plus and Minus

Find 3 extra pieces of scrap paper and hand write the plus, minus and equals symbols on them. Use these and the number cards to create simple sums eg 1 + 2 = 3. The older children can use the larger numbers. Leave out one number from a puzzle such as the one above and help your child find the right number.

How to Print the Number Flash Cards

Click on the “Launch game” button above to play the the Number Flash Cards. When the Flash cards appear, you will see a Print button at the bottom between the “Listen” and “Main Menu” buttons. Upon clicking on “Print”, you will be able to download the Flash Cards in an Adobe PDF format. After downloading and saving the file to your desktop, open the file and print as per your computer settings.

To print the Flash cards, you can download the latest version for free from the Adobe website.