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hi..just wanted some son is 1 in 18days..we just used the last bottle of formula from a tin..should i buy another tin to get him closer to the 12month age where they go onto fullcream milk...or should i just give it to him from now on?...

My 6 week old little boy has been sleeping well at night for the past month. He'll sleep for blocks of 4-6 hours at night then wake for a feed and go back to sleep. He's sleeping in his bassinet in our room and after I give him a feed I put him down asleep, about 5 mins later be wakes up and resettles himself to sleep. During the day is a different story. He'll go to sleep while I feed him but as soon as I try to move him to nap anywhere else he wakes up screaming, so then I give in and to let him have a bit of a nap on me. But then it's so hard trying to get things done. During the day he doesn't nap for over an hour at a time. Any advice on getting my baby to nap in his cot during the day would be much appreciated. Thanks.

Hi all My 14 week old daughter has been a pretty good sleeper during the day up until now. Normally she will sleep for about 40 minutes but then wake and resettle herself back off to sleep after about 10 - 30 minutes. Since Monday she has been waking after 40 minutes and then wont go back to sleep. After about 30 to 60 minutes she starts to get quite irate. If I go into the room to try to shoosh/pat her back to sleep she just gets more frustrated and screams thinking that I am going to get her up. Sometimes I just have to leave her to cry and eventually she will just cry back to sleep but by then it is time for me to get her up for her next feed. I do not swaddle her as she has never liked this since birth. I have tried taking the mobile off the cot incase that was distracting her. I don't think she is hungry (she has increased her amounts at each feed this week) but when I get her up she is not screaming and fussing for food. She is formula fed and has plenty of wet and dirth nappi...

just a random question.. what do you do first thing in the morning when you get up ? Ds and i get up put the kettle on make cuppa then play for hour -hour n half then he has a bottle and then sleep while i clean,make bed ect . the same thing has happend for the last 3 days What do you do ?

My 9 month old had his first day at day care last Friday and by Saturday he was suffering from a cold. I've been doing everything I can to fight it all week like making sure he gets lots of fluids & good food, natural cold remedy that's safe for bubs, warming his bed with a wheat pack... He was back to his normal happy self yesterday & even more so today but still has the odd big sneeze that dribbles snot down his chin, mostly just in the morning then seems better later, and coughs quite a lot. I've heard that after 5 days they are no longer contagious. Does any one know if that's true? I don't want to be responsible for making other babies sick but he did catch it from there in the first place anyway & he is acting all happy and healthy. Eating and sleeping well. plus I really need to work at least that one day a week! I need to decide & let work know today so they can cover my shift tomorrow so can't even wait and see how he is tomorrow morning.

I need your help fellow mama's. My hasband and i have a just turned 2 year old and my husband has been pestering me about a second for about a year now. I am still getting over the traumatic experience my first birth was( 2 weeks OD +42 hour labour resulting in forceps del and a second degree tear and blood transfusion) , i'm no where near ready for another! i don't even know if i want another but this constant nagging is driving me insane! i can barely keep up with one child and run my own business at the same time. how can i get it through to him to quit it!? last night he told me if i didnt want more kids that was "a deal breaker" for him. i dont even know what to make of that. please give me some advice!!!

Hi Ladies, I need name ideas for both boys and girls to suit the last name Henderson... Thanks Heaps! = )

I found it quite interesting how different my GP treated me for Post natal depression and how he treated my partner for Depression. When I went in with a friend he basically gave me antidepressants and referred me for counselling but no explaination on Depression or how it works and why its important to keep taking the Meds. WIth my partner a few years later he got the whole hogg and explaination on Depression and how the medication works and a script for sleeping pills to take. I just found it really digusting that there was a big difference in how Depression was treated by my GP for both my partner and me. It seems its okay that a mother struggles to make it through the day and get sleep at night and my GP just seems to hand out Sleeping tablets to my partner and it just made me feel like Postnatal Depression by some Drs isnt taken as serious than if a man came in with it. I didnt think that it was fair. Im finally seeing that my GP doesnt work for me anymore and this is not...

As the title suggests, I need to ask you girls something that's been playing on mind all week... Its my DS1 3rd b'day in 2 weeks but were having his party next weekend cause I'm having surgery a few days before his actual b'day so won't be up to it. (no big deal just fixing my waterworks as a result of birth). Anyway, I've rung my mum and MIL about dates and they said ok to to start with but this is what followed.... My mum... Oh what time? Can you make it a bit later than 10.30am cause you know you're dad works late. I said no, cause DH works that day at 2pm and we can't because I dont want him rushing to enjoy himself. Her reply was oh, I guess he'll (dad) just have to be tired all day(in an annoyed voice) my reply, oh ok than. My MIL response.... Oh, but BIL (who has just moved down here from north QLD) signed up to play golf on Saturdays, can't you make it another day? I said no, explained all of the above and she looks at me and goes, oh well it'll just be SIL and baby.... I sa...

Hi ladies. What did you give your 10 month old for snack and lunches? I like the idea of healthy low to no sugar and salt foods. She loves eating thing herself so finger food ideas would be good, infact any ideas anyone has would be great I give my dd sticks of fruit and she loves her toast, baked beans, spaghetti, cruskits, vegetables with some sort of meat. Spaghetti bolognese with lots of veggies.  Yoghurt and home made custard. I feel like I am in repeat with what I give her.   PLEASE HELP with some néw fresh ideas.