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Any tips on natural energy boosters during pregnancy? Lock Rss

I usually enjoy my coffee but I've stopped drinking it since finding out I'm pregnant. I'm constantly lethargic and can't shake this constant nausea, light headedness and dizziness. It's making it hard to look after my daughter and get all the housework done. I also need to take the dog out everyday as she needs her walks. My fiance is helping where he can but he works all week and doesn't get home until the evening. For some reason I can't eat bananas which I've heard are supposed to be the best thing to give you natural energy, I developed a sudden intolerance for them for some reason. Otherwise I've been sucking on icy poles and trying to eat healthy snacks. I had morning sickness with my last pregnancy but I definitely wasn't this dizzy/lightheaded then. I don't mean to complain, it's all worth it in the end but I wish I could be a bit more energetic.
It's safe to have the odd coffee. It's up to you but the government health pamphlet you receive on foods to avoid or limit says you can have up to 2 barister style (stronger than instant) a day or up to 5 cups of tea! Last pregnancy I had one coffee on my work days only. Couldn't handle work without at least one.
Otherwise just fruits and snacks I suppose.

I had the odd coffee in my last pregnancy but I couldn't really stomach it. This time I do feel like one but I've read that it's been linked to miscarriage because the fetus can't process caffeine and low birth weight. I would say you'd have to drink a bit to get into the risk zone though. You just can't seem to do anything safe when you're pregnant. Everything's dangerous and is going to lead to horrible consequences. Lol.
Try Up N Go, you know those little milk drinks in the carton, I had them in both pregnancies, they are good because when you can't stomach much food they are like a milk meal, if that makes sense lol the chocolate ones are good smile

Thanks SCC. I might give them a go. smile
I am a fellow sufferer ATM!........Hard to keep up with a busy toddler, do housework etc etc.
I have found sometimes a 30min (or even 5min if that all you can fit in) Nana Nap can do wonders smile

Good Luck.
Hope you feel better soon, Hang in there. smile I've got this strange obsession with meat pies at the moment, I'm surprised I can stomach them as I usually don't like them at all. I've been trying to get a sleep in here and there but my girl hasn't been napping very often during the day so I'm not getting many chances.
I was just talking to a friend about tiredness during pregnancy and she suggested trying sour lollies! She said they helped her with both her pregnancies to give her a bit of an afternoon kick, without having to turn to coffee all the time. Worth a shot, am off to get some today! Hope you feel better soon.
During my pregnancy with my baby girl I actually was addicted to chocolate up and go drinks and would drink 3 a day for the last 3 months of my pregnancy.
Unfortunately pregnancy brings tiredness. I did pregnancy yoga and on my days off I walked a bit. However I recently bought a book about healthy juices/shakes. I can provide you with a few recipes if you are interested in these kind of energy boosters.

Taking a pregnancy multi vitamin can help also, pregnant women tend to lack vitamin D which can cause tiredness. Good luck with the pregnancy.
TCN, That's funny because I bought some fizzy lifesavers the other day and found that they helped, I've been planning on picking up a packet of peppermint mentos as I've heard peppermint can help with nausea and the sugar should give me a pep up as for a change I don't feel like chocolate that often anymore. I've just been doing without the coffee and I'm going to give the up and go a try. smile I've got an 8 hour wildlife orientation course on Sunday starting from around 8am and I know that I'm going to need a few snacks to stop me from feeling too crappy. PAIRS, I take Elivit each day but would love some of your recipes if you don't mind. It's good to know the ones that actually help. smile I just can't have anything with raw banana in it which is annoying because I really like banana. Lol.
Great that you're starting to find things that are or might help you along smile I had a mandarin the other day that was sweet and juicy and that seemed to perk me up a bit to! So strange how your tastes change so much when pregnant. I used to have no stop button when it came to chocolate, but now I also either don't even feel like it or am happy with just a small bit (which is probably a good thing!).
Good luck for Sunday smile
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