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Caesarians Lock Rss

your doing the right thing for you and your child.

i feel the same way, as i want to succeed with bf this time, so i told joel that i didnt want visitors until i was ready, he said no, its his baby too and he just basically wants to show it off. going to do everything i can to make noone see me and my baby until i am ready.
i also requested no visitors till after lunch. suprisingly noone actually came till the next day which was fine by me. The midwives can actually stop anyone coming in if u tell them NO VISITORS AT ALL, they will respect that and not let anyone in... good luck, oh and btw, ur not being a b!tch at all
Noway r u being a b***h,i did the exact samething, & even asked when we finally got home, as my little man was born 4 wks early & had to stay in hossy for awhile, i asked that we have no visitors for a couple of days so we cld bond as a family without the eyes of the midwives lol!!!

At our hossy they have a sign u can put on ur door that basically say's that u cant enter without seeing a midwife first, & they wld come & ask if u want visitors, if that make sense.
You are definetely not a b**ch. Ive had 5 c/s and my friends and family respected my wishes not to visit until the next day. I did have my mum come though. But that was my choice, Im very close to my mum and wanted her there with me. She was fantastic with her support. Yes I need my mum! But thats me.
I needed time to find positions that made me feel comfortable and get used my new bub with feeding and my own recovery. I also became ill after my bub, vomiting for a couple of hours too. Didnt want to deal with this and visitors. The next day I was my old self and felt much better after some sleep and a shower and some make up on and my hair done. This does wonders for a new mum. ME TIME!!
You should have this request in your birthing plan so your midwives can let your visitors know when they arrive.
Hope everything works out for you. Good luck with the.birth and your family
You arent being a bitch at all. You are doing what you need to do for you.

I will be doing a similar thing once bub is born. If I have an easy birth I will be coming home ASAP. I will not be wanting visitors for the first few days. The only person I will allow will be my mum. SHe will have Locky while Im in hosi any way.

THe one thing I will be doing which I know will be percieved by some as nasty is that my step kids will not be coming over like last time. I had both of them at the hosi within hours and they were at home then for nearly a week. I was buggered. I didnt need two other kids to look after esp after a difficult birth. This time they can wait a few days to give Df and Locky and I some time with the new bub

you need to go to the desk at both the front reception and maternity ward and request NO visitors. They will keep your door closed and if any people come through asking what room number you are from then they will say she is not having any visitors

Its not rude at all!! I see all these girls having emergency c-sections or just elective and the amount of people hovering around the desk waiting for them to come back from theatre is frustrating and rude!! All these girls just want to rest!
i was induced and had my bubs in a hospital hours away from family but my mum and dad still got there within half an hour of having him thanks to DH giving them updates.... my MIL was adement that she was going to be there when i was in labour and when he was actually born as she had been there for all the others. it just wasnt me i only wanted my DH there. the next time we have a baby it has already been discussed at least 6 hours before visitors and that stands for everyone the first time the hossy was super busy and i waited 4 hours to be stiched and to try and breastfeed as i didnt know what i was different. the only problem no is that we live in our home town but hubby said its my decision and we gonna stick to it

DS 11/01/08 DD 20/12/2009

I hope they respect your wishes and don't show up. It's really rude of them to try and figure out how to get in anyway when they know you don't want them there. When I was in labour with Maddi my mum and 2 sisters were in the waiting room (poor people were there for like 16hrs at least lol) but I wanted them there. After I had Maddi she was taken to the NICU so they came in to see me and I told them to go see her lol so they all went off to see her quickly then they went home and left me and DF to it. But I don't mind saying people can come because I know it'll only be them, the only person from DF's side that visited was his mum for about half an hour 1 or 2 days later so I don't have to worry about them turning up cause then it would be too many people.

Your not being unreasonable at all! My DS's birth ended in an emergancy ceaserean (sp!) and i told hubby that i only wanted to see me parents and that his parents could wait until that night to come (ds was born 5am) i felt comfortable seeng my parents but not the in-laws, i was hooked up to a catheter and couldnt have a shower or anything, plus i laboured for 48hours prior to his birth with no sleep and i just wanted to rest. I dont think they were happy about it cause the mil still mentions it somtimes but i really couldnt care less! talk to the midwives and they will do anything and everything to make sure you and bubs are comfortable!
Im doing the same, I had first c/s after a long labour she was born at 10.30pm so i didnt mind the next afternoon (when visiting hours started) because the spinal had worn off and I had been up having a shower etc. Though I do remember there were a heap there at once passing my girl around and it was very daunting, thankfully the midwife came in and took DD off them and gave them a rev up smile
Later this month Im booked in at 9am to have 2nd c/s and I only want my parents, hubby and DD to be there. To be fare I will tell my MIL she can come in the afternoon when visiting hours starts - which I think hubby will bring her up. BUT I dont want anyone else til the next day, I dont know when Ill be getting up and how Ill feel plus definately want to bond with my lil' man. Which Ill have to start telling people - PLEASE dont come til the next day it is SURGERY after all.
Good luck with your c/s.


you could tell them that the date has changed to a couple of days later due to a double booking with the dr or something, then just call them when you are feeling up to having visitors.

when i had DS on a saturday, by the monday i was so fed up of having visitors, people were turning up at non-visiting times even tho we had told everyone what time it was, so i was trying to bf with the lactation consultant, i'm sitting there with my top off and in walks DH's family like they own the joint. or i was having a nap during the hospitals rest time (1.30 to 3.30 all the lights go off and all the nurses don't make any noise whatsoever so we could all have a good rest). also i was stuck in bed with the IV attached to me and there were about 6 people in the room all talking really loud and DH was trying to change DS's first pooey nappy and didn't know how to do it, so i was trying to talk over the top of everyone, i got so annoyed i told DH i didn't want any visitors at all the next day.

so no i don't think it is unreasonable to not want visitors the first day. actually i had never thought of that, i might just do the same and tell everyone the wrong date from the get go!

good luck i hope you get it sorted out with everyone.

well i'm not going to say you're a beep, but i am probably the only person who thinks telling people to stay away is a terrible idea! it just seems to mean when everyone just wants to celebrate & meet this new little miracle you've just given birth to. i think it's fantastic that you have people in this world that love your new child so much that they can't wait to meet him/her. i really don't think having visitors or not helps or doesn't help with the bonding process. if anything, the new baby is being held tightly & snugly in someone's arms feeling nothing but love. anyway, that's just me. you do what obviously feels right for you. good luck!

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