Child safe décor

There are plenty of simple and easy ways to make your home safe for your child. By implementing these child resistant strategies you are making your home safer for them and ensuring the longevity of your furniture as well.

Once your child is on the move they will often be as vulnerable as when they were a newborn. Making your house child resistant means creating an environment where your baby can learn to move around in relative safety.

Secure it

Make sure that you anchor all heavy items to the wall. Many children are seriously injured every year when items like televisions or bookshelves fall on them. It is important to use child resistant ties and secure these objects against the wall so that they cannot be tugged on or fall over.

If you have heavy drawers that your child is able to reach up and tug on, then install locks on them. It’s also a good idea to teach them the meaning of ‘Stop!’ and ‘Danger!’ from very early on.

Cover cables

Once your baby is on the move nothing is safe! Go through your home before this happens and ensure that all loose cables are removed safely out of reach. If this is not possible, then install cable covers so that your child cannot reach them or pull on them.

Choose child resistant materials

While it is unlikely you will be choosing new furniture after bub arrives, if you do then make sure it is as child resistant as possible. If you already have furniture in place pop some washable slipcovers over them.

It’s also sensible to choose furniture with smooth curves and soft cushioning. It is inevitable that your toddler will fall over and have some accidents as they learn to crawl and walk. Aim to make it as hazard free as possible for them.

Store it

Once your baby starts to crawl it is time to store away any potentially breakable and valuable objects for the time being. If you store objects like vases or glassware on coffee tables then it is time to store them up high and well out of reach. The same applies to beverages and food. Once your child can pull them up to stand they will be able to reach surprisingly far! Minimise potential hazards by storing them away until your little one is older.