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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Are your NEW Nappy-Pants replacing the Nappy-Pants with Resealable Sides & Mickey and Minnie Designs?

A. No, Huggies Nappy-Pants are now available in two different pant styles so you can choose the format and features you want for your active, wriggly baby.

Q. How many Nappy-Pants per pack?

A. Huggies Nappy-Pants now come in two different styles. Our Nappy-Pants with 360 degree waistband are available in bags only – Toddler size is available in packs of 22, Walker size is available in packs of 20, Junior size is available in packs of 18. Our Nappy-Pants with Resealable Sides are available in both bulk bags and jumbo boxes. Toddler size is available in packs of 31 and 56, Walker size is available in packs of 28 and 51, Junior size is available in packs of 26 and 45. You can also check them out on our range page.

Q. Can I use Huggies Nappy-Pants at night?

A. Yes. Just like Huggies Nappies, Huggies Nappy-Pants have all the absorbency of a nappy, to keep your baby dry and protected from leaks, both day and night.

Q. Can I use this product for toilet training?

A. No, we do not recommend the use of Huggies Nappy-Pants for toilet training. Huggies Nappy-Pants work like a nappy and are as absorbent as a nappy, but do not have learning tools designed for toilet-training. Huggies Pull-Ups are designed for toilet-training and have a Wetness Liner that helps your child learn the difference between wet and dry.

We recommend you use HUGGIES PULL-UPS Training Pants to help toilet train your child.

Q. How do I use this product?

A. To use the product:

  1. Step In: Let your baby simply step into the Huggies Nappy-Pant and put it on like regular pants.
  2. Ready Set Go: Now your baby is ready to twist, turn and wiggle, and will be protected with the absorbency of a nappy while they explore their world in the day time, and while they rest at night.
  3. Time to Remove: Our two ranges of Nappy-Pants are slightly different – for our NEW Huggies Nappy-Pants simply tear down the sides and use the disposal tape on the back to roll into a ball, and for our Huggies Nappy-Pants with Resealable Sides, simply open the resealable sides, roll up, and using the tabs dispose of the Nappy-Pants like a regular nappy.

Q. Are Nappy-Pants replacing the Huggies Nappy range?

A. No, Huggies Nappy-Pants are not replacing the Huggies nappy range and all our Huggies Nappies will remain available. Huggies Nappy-Pants is an addition to our range in Toddler, Walker and Junior sizes.

Q. Where can I buy Huggies Nappy-Pants?

A. Huggies Nappy-Pants are available in the nappy section of your local supermarket and other selected stores where you buy Huggies Nappies.

Q. What is the difference between your two ranges of Nappy-Pants?

A. Both of our Nappy-Pants have customised absorbency for girls and boys where they need it most, and up to 12hrs leakage protection so you can use them both day & night. Our New Huggies Nappy-Pants have an all-round, 360 degree stretchy waistband for a comfortable and secure fit. To take them off, simply tear down the sides and use the disposal tape on the back to roll up and dispose of. Our Nappy-Pants with Resealable Sides are the only brand to feature easy open side panels, giving you the flexibility to adjust and refasten the pant to ensure a comfortable fit, and make change time a breeze. They’re also the only brand with super soft and stretchy MotionFlex side panels to ensure a close, comfy fit, and the only pant with fun Mickey & Minnie designs.

Check out the different features of both of our Nappy-Pants here.

Q. When is my baby ready for Huggies Nappy-Pants?

A. There are a few signs to look out for to know when your bub might be ready – are they becoming more active? Are they wriggling, squiriming or rolling during nappy changes? Are they learning to walk or already standing? Then they might be ready to try Nappy-Pants. Huggies® Nappy-Pants have been specially designed to help make changing your active, wriggly baby fuss-free. They provide all the absorbency of a nappy but go on like pants to allow your baby to step in to them, making change time more convenient and fuss-free!

Take our quiz now to see if your bub is ready.

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