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Milestone Memory Boxes

Duration: any

Age: baby, parent

Skill for Bub: Making memories


Collect all of baby’s “firsts” in this keepsake collection of shadow boxes.

The first haircut, the first feeding, the first steps… Make those precious moments last a lifetime by showcasing them in a series of shadow boxes.

“First Feeding” Box — What You’ll Need:
Shadow box
A photograph of your baby enjoying her first meal — the messier the better!
A spoon and bowl set

“First Haircut” Box — What You’ll Need:
Shadow box
A lock of hair from baby’s first haircut
A photograph of your child with her new hairdo
First haircut certificate (Some children’s hair salons offer them. If you are trimming your child’s hair yourself, create your own certificate that includes your child’s name and date of the haircut.)
A baby’s brush and comb set

“First Steps” Box — What You’ll Need:
Shadow box
A photograph of your baby taking her first wobbly walk
A pair of baby’s first shoes

For each shadow box:
Remove the back of the shadow box.
Position and mount all of the objects inside.
Replace the back of the frame and display.