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Due in August 2019

Hey all, I’ve had a few BFP and looks like I’m due August 9! So excited! Hope to meet some fellow...

5 replies

Congratulations, honey. I get really happy reading about these BFP stories. Good luck to you! Here's to a happy nine months and...


So confused, Very light 2 1/2 day period BFN

I am so confused, I have had all these pregnancy symptoms like extremely sore boob and going to t...

3 replies

Hiya, i would def go and see a doc. When i feel pregnant with no. 3. I thought i was getting my period, similar thing to you only bl...


Surrogate's epigenetics influences the baby??

Have always wanted this to be discussed. Have you, all awesome ladies here, heard about the influ...

2 replies

Yep, quite an interesting thing to know, eh. I'd absolutely agree opting for surrogacy might become a huge challenge for infert...


Seventh Generation Diapers Reviews

If you’re considering disposables, want to start a newborn out in something eco friendly before m...

1 reply

Thanks for sharing, actually quite info!


Worried for my sister

My sister's just miscarried for the second time. I miscarried a year ago, as well. It took m...

5 replies

Thank you for your kind words, Rebeca. It really wasn't that hard, to be honest! You underestimate yourself, haha. I'm rea...