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Natural pregnancy or to go with IVF?

I had 3 miscarriages...1 blighed ovum & 2 tubes are fine since both were treated...

7 replies

Hello Jennifer, I am extremely sorry to hear about what you're going through. Have your hopes high surely everything will go fo...


MY Problem

hey guys, i have been having a pretty evenful few months and i am glad to say that everything has...

1 reply

I am very happy for you. It always feels good to hear from people that really got there. Sharing your own experience will surely hel...



Has any had their 6 week vaginal ultrasound yet?

2 replies

They do that at 6 weeks? I thought they only did that towards the end if they need a clearer image. I just had my first in January a...


Newborns and Prams. Confused!

Hi there. First time mum of a five week old. I have a cheap-ish pram from K-mart. It says it'...

2 replies

Thanks MummaT. I'll adjust everything to the lay down level.


Pregnancy Pillows

Hi everyone, I recently purchased a pregnancy pillow from Huggillows. It is amazing, soft, and pe...

1 reply

I never used a pregnancy pillow. Perhaps next time... Does anybody find they really help? I was up and down all night with hip an...


Buy real registered ilets certificate without examination and other documents

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1 reply

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