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Where the heck do you think the Libs got all the money "they saved up" as you put.. Umm they got it from selling assets and increasing our taxes. The money didnt just come from thin air. And John Howard did specifically say there would be no GST. If you cast your mind back, it was the Liberal guy (cant think of his name) that was honest and said he was going to implement a GST, hence the reason why little Johnny got elected in the first place. Cracks me up that everyone on here is whinging about money and prices going up. I'm no greanie, but not one of you has mentioned the affect pollution and the crap these massively big companies emit is having. Why not make them pay for the crap they are putting in our air, the crap that we breathe in, that our kids breathe in etc.

Is anything celebrating Halloween this year? I have bought my 2 girls a costume each (the youngest has a Halloween party to go to on Monday while the older one is at school). The oldest one would like to go trick or treating but I dont really want to be knocking on everyones doors and annoying them if their not "into" it. Shame we can't have a list of suburbs/streets etc that are participating so we knew where to go.

I bought my DD a 2 wheeler for her 2nd birthday. I got one withthe steerable parent handle. She couldnt pedal at first, but loved sitting on it while I pushed her around. Now she can pedal on her own (and quite fast too) and is getting the hang of steering it. She LOVES it when we go out for a bike ride and can't wait to get out of the door. She has one of those little plastic trikes inside and she zooms around on that as well, but she has had that since she was 1.

I had my DD2 there 2 1/2 years ago and they were fantastic. I lost a couple of pregnacies before DD2 was born and they were exceptional in their care of me during the pregnancy, with extra visits, extra scans etc. i couldnt fault them in any way, and if I was to have another I wouldn't hesitate in going back there again. I gave birth on Monday at 10.00am and was discharged at about 2.00pm on the Wednesday.

My daugther (7) loves her DS and so do her cousins (now 10 and 13). Some games can be expensive, but you can also pick up some great ones on special as well. Also you can buy an R4 card for the DS and then you can d/l games off of the net. My DD only owns about 8 actual DS games (most given for xmas/birthday presents) but she has about 80 games on her R4 card, and when she gets bored with them, we just check out the catalgoues, she picks out some new games she likes, and I d/l them for her.

My eldest daugther (now 7) has a green frog (called Baby Tad) that she got for her first xmas when she was 9 months old. She has slept with him every nite every since. He no longer plays music, kisses etc but she won't sleep without her 'froggy'. My 2 1/2 year old has a pink teddy that she got when she was born, I put it in her cot int he corner and she just became attached to it. Teddy used to have to come out with us in the car, but now he is just purely for sleeping time.

1. 7 and 2 2.Community based child care centre 3. Yes they have signs posted on the front door for each different outbreak 4. 24hrs after their last runny poo or vomit 5. Yes 6. Yes, above every tap in the centre is signage about how to correctly wash ur hands etc 7. After the 2nd vomit or runny bowel movement 8. not sure, I put soap on, wash my hands, front, back inbetween fingers etc then rinse off under warm water

I bought one a few months ago for my 2 1/2 year old daughter, and we love it. I'm in SA and we got ours for $199 from Haggle Baby. It is the safest convertible booster on the Market at the moment. Just because a seat has an AHR doesnt make it safer. I really can't get over the hype of the Maxi Rider. Its almost comical that people are paying quite a few extra $ for something, just because the name is more well known. I did my research before purchasing the seat, adn went through the 2011 CREP tests and results, checked out all the seats on the their websites, read reviews etc and the Ezy Combo won hands down. Was definitely a good buy and I'd recommend it to anyone.

We successfully used it for about 4 years..then wanted to TTC, got pregnant, and since DD2 has been born we've been using it for 2 1/2 years..never had any issues with it.. I mark my cycle on the calendar, I roughly know when I'm ov but even when we have had sex around that time, we still didnt get pregnant. It works well if you do it properly

DD2 was 2 in April and hasnt sat in her high chair since about December last year. She sits on a normal chair (well kneels a bit) but she is fine. She eats her tea and then hops down when finished just like the rest of us.