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1. Accept offers of help. 2. Only listen to advice you want, politely ignore the rest. 3. Enjoy it!

My sister in law has had four children and she hasn't had one labour yet!! Her waters break out of the blue and she needs to push. Her deliveries have gotten faster and faster with the last baby born at home in 4 minutes. Her OB had given her umbilical cord clips when she was 36 weeks and told her to call 000 instead of trying to get to the hospital in time (they only live 10 mins away). Maybe you should ask your dr. what he thinks you should do if the baby is coming without much warning.

I have had three labours and no interventions, minimal drugs and three healthy babies. The first one was a bit of a shock only because the feelings are all new and nothing you have experienced before. By the third I literally slept at home between contractions. People LOVE to share the traumatic stories because it is like a form of therapy for them but trust yourself, your body and your medical team and it will be OK.

I would go back to the doctors or even a different doctor. That seems like too much weight loss to ignore. Ask for a referral to a pediatrician. Good luck.

Yep take your script for Diane to the pharmacy and ask for generic brand. Same stuff but cheaper.

I have large boobs and had some trouble getting the latch right. I found the classic BF hold didn't suit as the breast was too heavy for a newborn. I found that propping the baby up on pillows and then supporting the breast with my hand was the best way. I agree that you don't need to worry about things that may not happen. Relax and enjoy baby and ask for help if you need it.

My parents used to run a preschool and sometimes at the beginning of the year it was hard to remember all the parents names. They would ask the kid "what's mums name?' and get MUMMY as a reply. Then they would ask "what does daddy call mummy" but sometimes got answers like "sexy bum" or "bitch" so they learnt to ask "what does Nanny call mummy?" . Mostly that got the right answer.

I always say do what works. The worst thing that could happen is you will have a bad week when you decide to take the dummy away at an older age, but if it has given you months/ a year of good sleep I say it's a small price to pay.

If the kids don't know about the quote it will only take one stupid parent to use the quote in front of their kids and yep sorry to say I think they will get the "run Forrest, run!".

You are not alone. Not everyone has an instant bond with their baby. With DS1 I was struggling to adjust to being a mum and it took time to fall in love with him like I thought I should. You could be having a huge bout of the baby blues if bub is only a week old but I really think you need to contact your midwife or OB to talk about how you are feeling. They might be able to get you some support.