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carliemama started new topic Possible Asthma?? Coughing baby, PLEASE HELP, im only a young mum and dont know

I have a gorgeous little 7 month old, and for a while now I realise that he regularly coughs during the night, and coughs when he has a big cry. When he does cry he cant really get a proper breath ...

Friday 28 August 08:42pm

carliemama replied to topic 3.5 year old complaining of stomach pain

Maybe he is intolerant to some foods, any of the foods you cook have something in common? lactose, gluten, i am lactose intollerant and have irritable bowel syndrome, this is what happened to me at...

Sunday 23 August 07:37pm

carliemama started new topic Potty training a 6 month old? can it be done? Any tips? HELP!

I have a 6 month old son, he is very smart and aware of everything. He is uncomfortable in a dirty nappy so I really want to start toilet training him. This is my first child, and the first grandso...

Sunday 23 August 07:12pm
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