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Member573852 replied to topic Least favourite holiday/vacation destination, and why?

While I loved other parts of England, I wasn't a big fan of London. Too crowded and honestly, a bit too dirty for my taste, just wasn't expecting what I ended up seeing. I wasn't imp...

Tuesday 25 February 07:47pm

Member573852 replied to topic When should you give up trying?

You haven't missed your chance at all, keep at it. But try to preserve a positive mindset, in my opinion, it's our mind that controls the body and its state/health more than we'd lik...

Friday 21 February 07:42pm

Member573852 replied to topic aggressive 19 month old

It's normal, a lot of kids act out like this in their first years. But this doesn't mean that you should leave the behavior unpunished or she'll think that it's ok and likely wo...

Tuesday 18 February 07:34pm

Member573852 replied to topic Yoga advice

You can also add to that list the pyramid pose, Halasana, the archer pose, little thunderbolt, and the Heron pose.

Saturday 15 February 02:41am

Member573852 replied to topic Maybe..

Hope you're doing fine, just remember that you have his love and support and you will go through everything just fine. Your time will eventually come, just don't let anything cloud your j...

Monday 27 January 06:14am
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