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Member590309 replied to topic gambling partner

Depends of the situation, if he plays it doesn't mean the addiction. Nothing if it doesn't affect our relations. Gambling and betting aren’t always a bad thing or an addiction so you can’...

Saturday 16 May 01:40am

Member590309 replied to topic Ebay Items (or other trading sites)

I remember about two years ago when I was on maternity leave with my little MIA I decided to try to make a business out of my instagram account. I decided it would be a good idea to sell some of th...

Sunday 03 May 09:26pm

Member590309 replied to topic 5 Pregnancy Sun Protection Tips

Totally agree about sunglasses! I wanted just to ask you what sunglasses would you recommend to really protect my eyes?

Saturday 25 April 12:35am

Member590309 replied to topic baby food cubes

thanks for your post!

Friday 14 February 09:17pm

Member590309 replied to topic Rude? Lazy? both? or overreacting?

Hello. I think that it's extremely rude to walk on your lawn. You have worked so much and now someone steps on it just because he's lazy! I think that it's disrespectful. I understan...

Tuesday 04 February 04:43am

Member590309 started new topic Saliva test when visiting the doctor

Member037777 wrote: Is it ok to be asked to pass the saliva test when visiting a doctor during pregnancy? What they are thinking? That my wife's taking drugs while being pregnant? I was pregn...

Friday 17 January 12:14pm

Member590309 replied to topic When did you tell people you were pregnant?

I told my husband the very next day. We were both so happy! I couldn't wait to tell him this great news. Pregnancy is a very difficult, but beautiful period of a woman's life. I knew that...

Sunday 12 January 12:11am

Member590309 replied to topic Would you tell a small lie?

Dont listen to anyone and do on conscience. I wouldn`t because when you are caught on lies it is a very bad feeling soon. I have lied several times in my life and I stressed very much, but that was...

Tuesday 07 January 07:18am

Member590309 replied to topic Moving to nz & no nan comfort - any suggestions on what I can change to?

Hello, poor you! Moving somewhere is always hard. I hate it. Because everything is always new. I remember me and my family was moving to a new state last year. That was hell. I spent a lot of time ...

Tuesday 07 January 04:31am

Member590309 replied to topic realationship problems can anyone give me some advice

Hey, frankly speaking, it's normal, that there are bad periods in the relatives between people, I mean, that you adapt to the person and it seems, like there is no more such feeling, like it w...

Friday 03 January 04:29am

Member590309 replied to topic Do you still flirt with your husband? Does your husband try to "pick" you up? :)

Hey, ma'am. Frankly speaking, I think, that it's everyone's business. I mean, that if your husband doesn't flirt with you, it doesn't mean, that he does't love you any...

Sunday 29 December 05:03am

Member590309 replied to topic Business with Pins!

You are right. There is a new trend may be. But it had always been a kind of trend when young people wearing pins with their favorite band or a singer, or a character sometimes. So it can be a real...

Tuesday 03 December 03:57pm
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