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If you've done IVF, what is some advice you'd give to someone starting on their journey?

We'd love to hear from you...doing IVF can be a very daunting and challenging process. Is th...

6 replies

Hello, nice to hear that you want to know about this IVF process. I can totally understand the curiosity you are having. I am happy ...


Recurrent miscarriage twice , what's wrong wirh me? What tests I should take?

Hi, I just had a miscarriage last week at 10wks pregnant. This is my 2nd time. The first time wa...

10 replies

Hello, dear sorry to hear about your loss. I feel happy to provide you whatever information i have on this. I know for you this situ...


Infertility Treatments Cost

Hi All, I have been gone through three Intrauterine insemination (IUI) cycles with no success. N...

1 reply

Dear Mark Miz, I can understand your situation as I have also gone through the infertility issues for a long time. The cost for IVF...


Help us choose a name before I jump off a cliff

OMG someone, anyone, please help us. This naming an entire human responsibility is going to cause...

3 replies

2 Mummas_IVF Baby wrote: Totally agree...naming a baby is such a huge responsibility. We have names picked but who knows what we wi...