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I had my first at Lyell Mac and they were great with all the care leading up to and including my induction and birth. I started in the BAU which was great but then due to high blood pressure had to get moved to the higher risk room, I was just on gas and they have it heaps higher in there so bonus for me and being in full blown labour at that stage you don't really care for all the luxury's they have in the BAU. I opted not to have the mother carer come visit so I got to stay in for a day, it was a share room but there wasn't anyone there until I was getting ready to go. If you want to have the mother carer you can leave within a few hrs of giving birth as long as you and bubs check out fine but if you stay you dont get the mother carer. If you have a c-sect you can stay for a few days and still have the mother carer.
I thought you couldnt choose what hospital you wanted now if you were public and that they just go by where you live and basically what hospital is the closest? Thats how it was 2 years ago anyway. so they may have changed it since.

I had DD2 at Lyell Mac and they were great..I was in the normal labour ward not the BAU as was higher risk due to previous c-section. Bubs was born monday morning and i left Wednesday lunch time. I had a shared room, but was on my own both nights. 2nd day girl came in and left within 2 hrs, and the day i went home they were booking someone else in as I was walking out, so basically had the room to myself apart from 2 hrs during Tuesday.

Loved the midwives there and couldnt fault their care at all. Would be happy to go back there again if I was going to have a 3rd (which I"m not lol)

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