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hey girls

just wanting to know what you guys think of gawler hospital lyell mc and the woman and childrens labour wards.

i had my daughter at lyell mc and was really happy but just wanan hear wat u girls think of the others.

I had my daughter at Womens and Childrens, she was a c section so i cant really help you with the labour ward, but im friends with a couple of midwives there and have also had a few friends give birth there and have only heard great things. I had a wonderful experience, too.
hey thats all good thanks yeah ive heard good stuff about womans too im not preg but we r planning 2 try at the end of the yr n i just wanted 2 do sum research this time as last time i just went 2 the lyell mc as it was the closest 2 home they were great tho. ive heard great about gawler too hopefully sum one writes in about gawler hospital.

how was ur room after u had bubs? did u have 2 share?
that was 1 thing i didnt like at lyell was i was going 2 ahve 2 share this match box room with sum1 but i didnt wanna do i went home
I was really lucky because all the C section mums got private rooms, unfortunately you do have to share if you have a vaginal birth, unless there's complications (with you or bub) and they have the room. For example, i actually had to go back into hospital just after i left, i got mastitis and my dd was sick. We got put in our own room, again so we could be treated together, but as soon as dd was clear and i was on the mend i was told if they needed my room i would be sharing, i didnt end up sharing at all, though.

I found the rooms to be really comfortable, but i imagine sharing with another mum would make them feel too small. Im with you on that one, if i had to share i would leave asap
ahhh yeah same as lyell then lol

oh thats no good u got sick again ouch sad c section always scared me how ls id ur child??
DD is now 20 months, she had a bit of a rough start. She was tongue tied and couldnt latch on properly and once we had that sorted we discovered she had jaundice and needed to be put under the lights immediately. Because of the attatchment issues, i got the mastitis, so really, if we were both to get sick it was perfect timing... not that i would have agreed with that back then.

My c section was completely perfect (as much as having your stomach cut open could be lol) the decision for it happened too quickly for me to get too scared. DD turned breech and her foot engaged with only days before my due date so i didnt argue when they recommended it.
Hi you wanted an opinion on gawler well i just had DS there last week and had DD there as well. Gawler is fantastic. They now have one on one midwife so you get the same midwife all the way through your pregnancy. Room wise unless there really busy you may have to share but both times i had a room to my self. With DD 5 babies in 2 days and i still got my own room. Midwifes were great. All c-sections are emergency and if your under 37 weeks depending on your case they may send you to lyell mac.
i've had my last 2 ds at lyell Mc, in the BAU. didn't have to share either time, i'm due now for ds3 so know what to expect. the midwives have been great and loved both experiences, so hoping for a good result this time. the BAU is for low risk pregnancies and then there is the "high" side which is the labour ward where you have to share rooms with other mums. when you go for your first ante natal appointment in the womens clinic where they do all the boring family history etc, just ask if you can go to the BAU. they can do the water births there too, massive baths! good luck!
I dont know anyone who has been to the Lyall Mac but do know of others who have been to WCH and also Gawler.
WCH they all thought was good but they didnt like how you had to share rooms.
Gawler seems good as well. One of my friends has nothing bad to say about them and had both her kids there. She had her own room with her DD but had to share 1/2night with her DS (the other lady was getting induced so left 1/2through the night to give birth).
I think that no matter where you go there are some that love it and some that hate it. I went to Burnside and loved it both times but one of the mums from Playgroup went there and hated it.

hey thanks girls

yeah i guess its every1 experiance on their birth if they like it or not i was very happy with the lyell mc i was induced as well so prob different process then just going their cos bubs is ready to come smile.
I had DD at Gawler 12 months ago. Couldn't fault them at all. Everything was there at the hospital right from the word go. All my midwife and OB appointments, scans and blood tests. DD was breach until 36 weeks, so my c/s was planned for their. When she turned it was all good for a natural birth. Unfortunately things went pear shaped and my waters leaked. I was induced and ended up having an emergency c/s. Absolutely brilliant staff and care. Only ever known one person to have to share a room.
i had my little boy at the womens and childrens late Aug last year and i was really lucky - got into thje MGP group which allowed me more privliges- the only thing i wasnt too happy with when i was there was their keen-ness to want you out - i was told i could leave 3hrs after and i was like....WHAT???
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