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Hello, everyone. I'm going to give birth in April, but this topic is not about it. I used to have perfect skin, only when I was on my period a few breakouts may have appeared. When I got pregnant everything was also ok, but two months ago I noticed that my skin changed, especially on my face. Skin all over my body became dry, but my skin face is worse. I use a lot of products, but they make my skin oily, not moisturized. And because of it redness also appeared. I drink enough water, eat good, but I can't moisturize my skin. Has anyone had something like that in the last month of pregnancy? Have you taken vitamins, or used special products. Please, share your experience. Thanks a lot.
Oh, I have almost the same trouble. My body skin is okay, and I don't have difficulties with taking care of it, but the skin on my face requires a lot of effort to keep it moisturized and good-looking. There is one product I've been using for some time, and it helps my skin. I use skinlab lift and firm serum every day, and the results are visible. And I can say that now, it's my favorite product. It has Sodium Hyaluronate, Vitamin C, Antioxidant Vitamin E, Collagen & Elastin, which moisturize my skin significantly, protect from the environmental impact, and make my face look fresh and smooth.
Use vitamin C serum. It speeds up new cell regeneration. Also, do you use sunscreen? Avène Hydrance Optimale SPF 25 works best for me. It soothes and softens my skin, it has antioxidants and vitamin E and also protects my skin from sun damage.
How do you know it's enough water? Just asking, since you might need a lil' bit more for you and your soon-to-be-born.
I'm not using any fancy creams, just some coconut oil. And here are some tricks I learned:

-Putting your oil on after bathing, while your skin is still a bit damp. Helps to keep moisture in.
-Every other day, lather up in your oil and let it sit for ten minutes or so BEFORE a shower or bath. Then, rinsing gently with water. This takes a little getting used to but really helps with absorption.
But also I'd recommend you to see a dermatologist.

Best of luck!
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