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Hi, I am a new mom and this is my first experience as a parent.

I have a question about taking our pram down an escalator and flat escalator (if there is no lift).

Is the pram going to be in front of us (and we hold it tight) OR...
We take our step down the escalator facing backwards first then take the pram after us (I cannot describe it well here. I saw some people do it. Hopefully you can understand what I mean) OR...
We just hold it tight in front of us and go down that flat escalator just like normal (just like when we push a supermarket trolley down)?

Which one is safe? Or anyone have another technique? It seems scary to bring the pram down escalator and flat escalator with my dd inside.

Never go on an stepped escalator with a stroller - never ever. The sloped tramulators (flat/ upward sloping escalators) are okay though. using one of these, always make sure you have the safety wrist band on first and foremost and that your bubba is strapped in. Be aware of your surroundings - who/ what is in front of you, behind or next to you and give yourself space. I always stand behind the stroller and step on as usual making sure to keep well back from the nearest person in front (will explain why in a second). Tramulators are designed so you can wheel your stroller or a trolley on and off safely. The danger in my experience is what's in front of you. I had a very serious situation unfold in front of me a few weeks ago and had a near miss. I was wheeling my 6mth old nephew in his stroller and going down a tramulator a couple of weeks ago. There was a woman in front with a shopping trolley with two 6-8 yr olds sitting in it (very dangerous - not what trolleys are designed to be used for!). What happened is she got to the bottom and because of the weight in her trolley she got stuck and the trolley pushed back on her. She caused a block. Fortunately I'd allowed enough space behind her so we didn't back straight into her (could have been a disaster!). My partner was with me and he held our stroller while I shoved her and her trolley off the tramulator. Silly lady was panicking and standing there not doing anything to get it unstuck. Afterwards really gave her a talking to for her recklessness but she was unphased and walked off still with the kids in the trolley. Just like on the roads, even if you do the right thing there will always be idiots around you who don't so you have to allow for them. Hope this helps.
Thanks a lot for your reply. It helps.
hi new mumma sometimes you have no choice to go on the step escalators you can go on them i assure you as i have been put in that situation you just need to put back wheels on step in front of you and hold on to pram tight when you get to the bottom push front wheels off first and your all done good luck
I also had this question. I always just went first and faced the pram. It was difficult to step at the right time always but I couldn't keep it facing the bottom. I was just too afraid.
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