Writing is the best thing ever to share your own mindset with audience around.
Your children are also interested in being active and talented among others.

On my mind some tips on how to write better appeared unexpectedly as I've been getting an experience for years.

Firs of all, your child must read and get more information to being more professional in writing and able to describe new feeling and events.

Secondly, to check new words is the best way to be more intelligent and genius.

Thirdly, this is necessary to try your efforts within development of your theory and sentence. Step by step, involving in it.

You need to remember if you are writing a story it is an integral part to know your audience and make your story more related with your topic.Do not forget to plan and pace yourself. It could be very helpful.

Students can be interested in writing a paper. I hope some of these tips you can analyze and apply. Read more here.