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pasta salad Rss

I am hosting chrissy lunch for the relos and want to make a yummy pasta salad and ask if anyone wants to share a recipe that is tried and tested????

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Quick n easy

Diced red and green capsicum
Sweet corn
Bacon (fried till crispy)
Spring onions
Squirt of mayo or ranch dressing


Also way easy salad is 1 x avocado diced, 1 x mango diced, 4 rashers of bacon fried til golden, squish the mango pip to get the juice out and that's the dressing smile
pesto as much as you think
sun dried tomatos chopped
grated palmsin cheese to taste
olives as many as you think
roasted sunflower seeds
some oil
some cherry tomatos.

make sure your pasta is cold before you start and don't rinse it..... make sure you cook it in salted water..
Colored Spiral pasta.
1 red salad onion
1 jar of basil pesto


I make this all the time and everyone all comments on how yummy it is, and its so simple.

Spiral pasta
Red Capcisum cut up into little pieces
Bacon cooked nice and crispy (I use the precut bits - the ones you buy in a pack of two that are joined together)
Kraft Thousand Island dressing


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