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Low humidity Rss

My little girl (2 years old) has always been a tad sensitive when it comes to colds, she's like a magnet for them, if someone else sneezes, she's going down with the flu in a few days tops. I can't stress enough how desperate I am by this point to see her ok. I've started to suspect a while ago that dry air might be an issue too, and when I checked the air in her room, it was under 35%. She's been having trouble sleeping well too, and I suspect this might be one of the reasons why. I'm aware that this isn't ok at all and I must raise the moisture level asap. Do you have any recommendations or suggestions that could help?
It's definitely not OK to have humidity levels so low in her room, that's for sure. You do need a humidifier cause it will help with her cold symptoms, proper humidity generally relieves congestion and coughs, and there will be fewer chances for her to catch a cold, to begin with. Aim for 50% to 55%, as I recall, that is the proper air moisture for a child's room. But beware that there are nursery-type humidifiers that generally cost cheaper than their classic counterparts and have sufficient capacity when it comes to holding water for the relatively small-size room. Their designs differ too, some look like animals, cloud, and so on, to be more fun for the kids. Here are some suggestions:

Just a small tip, by the way, try to avoid warm mist machines cause she's already 2 years old, can walk by now, she might knock the machine over, the hot water spills, and the inevitable happens and she gets hurt. If you prefer warm mist, at least put it somewhere so high that she cannot access it.
If your baby has a cold with no complications, it should resolve within 10 to 14 days. If your baby is younger than 3 months of age, call the doctor early in the illness.
For your older kids, let them play head soccer on your computer so they won't catch the cold.
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