Hoping someone may have had a similar experience and can offer me some advice. Our 3 year old is currently toilet training and while she is doing really well with doing wees on the toilet she will not do a poo. She has previously gone on the toilet so we know she CAN do it, but lately she flat refuses. She wears a pull up nappy still for her day nap and night time, so she waits till then to do it.

However, she is in daycare 4 days a week, and we have had a few issues the last few months with her being unsettled and upset throughout the day. We've worked through that and she has vastly improved (happy at drop off, not criyng during day etc) and now that she's settled into her new class (she moved up to the older group once she turned 3 last week) she is happily doing wees on the toilet at daycare. But she is definitely holding the urge to poo and she has been getting sore tummies, not going for 3 -4 days and then having poo explosions in her nappy in the middle of the night.

I am just not sure how to tackle it as it seems to be an anxiety thing? When she is finally going it's so explosive its leaking out through the nappy and we've having to put her in the shower to hose her down, washing clothes & bedding etc. It's awful. I also can't imagine how uncomfortable she must be feeling when she is holding it for so long.

I am not sure if I should speak to the GP about it? Hoping someone hear can offer some advice! TIA x