Hello all,
Our son is almost 4 and we started toilet training quite a while ago, we now have no accidents with number 1's and even can go to the shops, on long drives, and to other toilets. He is still in night nappies (and is only a little bit wet over night) which I am happy with at this stage. But we are getting nowhere with Number 2's, we have a sticker chart, have bribed with anything and everything, he will sometimes sit on the toilet (which has pictures of tractors and dinosaurs everywhere), on a seat which he chose at the shops. I feel I have read/tried everything and nothing is working! We tried watching what times he is going, but it changes everyday, we have noticed he holds at preschool as he has had no accidents there, so tried sitting on the toilet when we came home but he was too tired and hungry to sit still for more than 30 seconds.
Any tips, tricks or encouragement?
Thank you in advance.