Some tips on avoiding accidents:

1. Take your child to the toilet at predictable times (first thing in the morning, after a nap) and watch them get used to their normal bodily patterns.

2. If your child hasn’t done a poo or pee for a while ask them if they need to go. Some children just get too caught up in their play to pay attention to the signs.

3. Learn to tell the signs that they need to go (dancing around, holding on, crossing their legs, hiding, squatting, going quiet)

4. Ask if they need to go before you leave the house or will be busy for a while (like before lunchtime).

5. Make sure it is easy for them to get to the toilet. Make it easy to access and make it easy for them to get out of their clothes.

Is your little one toilet training at the moment? What are some of the obstacles you are encountering?