Toilet training can be frustrating and pretty gross. We've got some great tips on the forum about how to start toilet training, but here are 5 ways you can prepare:

1. Help your child recognize and communicate with you when he / she needs to go to the toilet

Start asking them "Are you doing a poo?" early on so that they recognize when they need to go to the toilet.

2. Decide whether you are going to use a potty or a toilet

Potties are useful because they are mobile. Toilets you will need to have a little footstep so they can reach it. Try and just stick with either potty or toilet to begin with so that your child doesn't get confused.

3. Make sure your child is ready to start toilet training

Most children won’t be ready to start toilet training until they are at least two years old. Many will be closer to three. And generally girls are ready to toilet train earlier than boys are ready to toilet train.

Most kids won't be ready to start toilet training until they are two years old. In general, girls are ready to start earlier than boys. However, don’t be tricked into thinking that the earlier you start, then the earlier you will finish – as it just might make the process more drawn out (and more frustrating). It is better to wait until they are ready.

4. Make time to start toilet training

Starting toilet training is a big deal, so you'll need to make sure that it's a good time. Choose a time when you're not too busy and you know you'll be at home for a few days. In general, summer is easier to start toilet training as your child is wearing less cloths so it's less messy.

5. Make sure your bathroom is safe

Make sure all household cleaning products and any other hazardous chemicals are locked up or high out of your little one's way.

How did you get your child ready for toilet training? We'd love to hear how you approached it!