It's been quite a while since i have been on this site but i thought i'd pop on to seek some advice.
My 4 yr old daughter flat out refuses to use the toilet. She tells me when she has soiled her nappy / when her nappy is full etc. Around the age of 2 1/2 she did a few wees in the potty and seemed to be getting the hang of it. I then started her on the big toilet ( with the use of the kiddie toilet seat ) and after a bit she just stopped wanting to use the toilet. I didn't worry to much as there was no rush but have been starting again the last 6 or so months but with no luck.

I have tried rewards, sticker charts , brought back the little potty so we could sit in the lounge room where it is more comfortable ( suggested she could sit on it while watching her fav shows or read some books.)

I bought her minnie mouse & smurf undies - as she loves those characters thinking that might help but she remains stubborn and refuses to use the potty.
She is happy to wear undies whilst at home but then demands a nappy when she needs to go rather then wanting to use the potty.
I'm not sure whether to push her to use the potty or leave her to be and wait for her to want too . I'm so worried as i would have expected her to be fully trained by now.

If anyone has some advice or feedback i would greatly appreciate it, thank you smile