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pregnancy after miscarriage Rss

Hello all.

I need your advice or opinion.

back story:
I have 3 girls and one son, all under 8. All very healthy pregnancies and babies..

In August I had a miscarriage at about 6 weeks. I haven't had a period since then, not on contraception and have unprotected sex multiple times.

On the 3rd of this month (October) I thought I was getting my period, but I only had blood when I wiped once. (implantation bleeding?)

Today I had a positive urine test at the Dr office, he is sending me for an ultrasound this afternoon, but I don't know what dates to go by?

I am currently on a blood thinner for DVTs and know I will need to change that as I've been through this process with the pregnancy I just lost.

I am really scared as I have just been through a mental breakdown, which I started medication for. 3 days ago, I think I will stop them and try get through this without, but nervous to do so..

I think i've covered all basics..

What I'm asking is mostly, roughly how far can I be? anyone relate to my experience?

much love,

Mum of 3 girls, 1 boy, 1 angel, 1 on the way!

Sorry to hear about your miscarriage.
It's sounds like you fell pregnant straight away which is great for you so you're probably 1-2 months along.
How did the ultrasound go?

Thanks for your reply.

So yesterday, blood test showed 418 hcg and ultrasound was not conclusive as he said he could not be confident that was he was seeing 'was' the gestational sac, but IF it was, it measured 5.4 weeks.

My Dr referred me to the hospital today so they can change my blood thinner back to injections and they done another blood test which showed hcg at 813. So they were happy with that and I have to get another ultrasound on the 17th of this month to make sure baby is in my uterus not out...

I am so scared because I was about this far along when I found out last time and lost it at 7 weeks so I don't want to get my hopes up..

Mum of 3 girls, 1 boy, 1 angel, 1 on the way!

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