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Help - did you get the whopping cough vac? Lock Rss

Hello ladies!

I am 35 weeks pregnant and wondering if people got the whooping cough vac? I am paranoid/anxious about toxins during preg!

Was all right with your bubs if you had it earlier?!
I did and all was fine with bubs who is a happy, healthy 10 month old now smile
I definitely did. I was paranoid about my baby getting whooping cough as a newborn. My girl is now 2 months old and absolutely fine and I'm glad she had the extra protection until she could get her own vaccinations.
I can understand your concerns! I decided against getting the vaccine during pregnancy, it just didn't sit right with me. I waited till bubs was born. I think you have to go with your gut! But the decision is very personal. I'm not anti-vaccination but I just don't like the thought of vaccinating while pregnant. Mind you I am super cautious, I refused to have an MRI while pregnant too! I hope you come to the righ decision for you smile
Hi, I am 19 weeks pregnant and I will definitely do this when the time comes. I hate the idea to be vaccinated during the pregnancy and very anxious about it (e.g. I refused to do flu vaccination). But, when I was a teenager, I had a whooping cough for some reason and I suffered a lot! I thought I will die. It was the worst experience ever. After that, I cannot put my little one at this risk.
However, It is very personal decision.
Hi. There was no question I would get it. It is a scary possibility of a tiny helpless newborn getting sick enough to die so I got it as soon as I could. I was so relieved after I had the vaccination because then I knew my baby would be protected until it was old enough to get vaccinated. 2 months is a long time for a baby to be unprotected because you never know whether you will come into contact with someone who is sick at the shops or whatever.
I had no side effects and my baby is a very healthy 18 month old now.
Hi, I also did and can understand your concern also.
I am currently 20 weeks pregnant and I am booked in at 28 weeks to get my whooping cough vac. My last pregnancy I didn't get it until after my daughter was born.
It is advisable to get it. It really is not worth the risk.
Hey i got all the vacs when i was6-7 weeks pregnant it didnt affect my bub at all his now 9 months out of the womb and he is perfectly healthy i was told it will be in there system so when they are first born they will be protected from it also it did not have any bad affect on my bub
I'm 30 weeks and scheduled in to get my vaccine done tomorrow morning. I don't like the thought of my wee bub not being fully protected, and didn't think twice about not getting it done.
Hello Kate:

Taking whooping cough vaccine during the pregnancy is safe for your and baby, so do not ignore it. Soon after giving the vaccine shot, you may have swelling, fever, tenderness and redness at the injected site. The Whooping cough vaccine is highly recommended by the Medicos to get between 27-36 weeks of each conception. Hope this is your prime time to get the vaccine to protect against a dangerous cough. The goal behind giving the vaccine during pregnancy is yielding short-term protection against whooping cough in the early stages of the baby. The level of antibodies from the whooping cough vaccine will start to incline over a time period. So, it is quite important to take the vaccine during each pregnancy to make both of you hale and healthy. The vaccine will never deteriorate both you and baby.
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