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When did you show? Lock Rss

Hello all, I am pregnant with my 3rd and currently 17 weeks. I'm just wondering when other lovely ladies started showing and also started feeling movement?
I'm barely showing and although I didn't really start to show until 20 weeks + with my last 2, I thought being my third I would definitely be noticebley showing. I'm nearly 6ft and very slim.
I also haven't really felt much movement. I'm getting slight flutters but nothing I can say is definitely the baby.
It was a rocky start to this pregnancy so I've been prone to worry much more than normal. I've had my 13 week ultrsound and everything was perfectly fine with bubby, sucking s/he thumb and moving a lot. I have my next scan in just under 3 weeks but seems like a lifetime away. I can't stop stressing sad
Hi ellek... Glad to hear your 13 week scan went well. I was wondering how you were going as remember your rocky start. I'll keep my fingers crossed for your 20 week scan. From what I've read, if your 13 week scan was normal, the far far majority of people go on to have a healthy baby (obviously there are exceptions but its just not very likely).

With my bub I started showing around 22 weeks but I'm guessing that's later than 2nd/3rd bubs.

Hope you stay well!

Addit: just a thought... If you're super stressed why don't you go to your GP or midwife and ask them to do a Doppler as 17 weeks is enough that they should be able to hear the heart beat and give you some reassurance everything is as it should be.
Hi Ellek! Glad to here things are going well, despite the rocky start! Pregnancy creates such worries doesn't it! I'm under high risk monitoring and at times it's just so overwhelming because they are being very cautious and maybe a little over the top!

Not sure how much I can help except I've read that every pregnancy is different apparently. This is our first bubba and a parent from work asked if I was pregnant at five weeks! Serious bloating issues LOL Now I'm getting the 'oh, are you have twins??' No, I'm just growing a big strong baby! Anyway, I felt very subtle movement at around 19 weeks but more obvious the following week - baby must've known it was b/day and I was going for the 20 week scan so gave me a nice punch that morning smile

Hi girls, thanks for your replies. Nice to see some familiar names smile
Yep I think I will head into doc to ask to hear heartbeat for peace of mind.
I do know I am showing a bit as some things don't button/zip up anymore, just thought I might have that noticeable baby bump by now.
Last 2 pregnancies it was lovely to hear, 'wow you're tiny/don't look pregnant/you're how far along!' But this time it is just making me worry.
I'm reading all the horror stories instead of enjoying feeling better as morning/all day sickness and food aversions have subsided. Need to get in a better head space smile.
Thanks again. I appreciate you reading and replying xx
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