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Miscarried 5 weeks ago now pregnant again Lock Rss

Hi everyone,
Just hoping for some good vibes. I miscarried over a month ago at just 5 weeks and found out a few days ago I am pregnant again (negative tests after bleeding, 4 new positives, yes I am finding it hard to believe lol)
I have extreme mixed feelings, one second I'll be sure this pregnancy wont end the same as the last and the next I'm scared thinking about how I would cope with a second loss. These constant ups and downs have been messing with me the last week.

Any happy stories to keep me sane?

Ps I should mention my first pregnancy with my ds was text book he's a happy healthy 2 yr old, so I have had a healthy pregnancy and I do know I can have one but this miscarriage has just upset me and my ability to have another successful pregnancy.
I understand!
I had mc in Feb at six weeks. It was our first. Completely devastated and I was worried that it would take us another year to get pregnant again. One cycle later, here I am at 10 weeks.

The first few weeks were really hard but once we got past the six week mark, I started feeling more positive. I'm trying hard to enjoy each day and each new change but I probably won't rest until I have that baby in my arms!

Hang in there, you will be fine and try to relax...ha, easier said than done right!
Thankyou so much for sharing your story! Its reassuring to know you are not the only one that's experienced these feelings and there is success stories after getting pregnant so soon after miscarriage.

I wish you the greatest of luck with your pregnancy! smile

I am trying to convince myself that there is no reason to panic because its not going to help. Just enjoy this pregnancy (so much harder said than done!!!!) Haha
I MC at Easter I was 8wks, 4wks later I got a BFP and now I'm 7wks. I has been really nerve racking. Your welcome to come join the Due in January FB group there's a few of us going through the same thing ????

I saw that but was unable to load the site. Any other way to join?
I completely understand!

We MC twice one at 5 weeks and one at nearly 7 weeks earlier then after the second MC we fell the very next cycle....7 days later I ovulated & fell. I totally understand your anxiety and it wasn't until about the 12 week mark that I truly started to relax but bub is now 21 weeks along & everything is going really well.

Hope this one goes well for you!
First Congrats Tegan89.
I also have a 2 year old (boy) and was my first pregnancy with absolutely no dramas. That is why at xmas 2015 when I had a surprise pregnancy I was in shock when I got the scan at 71/2 weeks and was told that I may have a blighted ovum or got my dates wrong. Never heard of it till that day. (Egg never attached but body carried on with pregnancy hcg etc). Complete shock! I waited 2 weeks for a rescan and internal and it confirmed that I would miscarry. almost 11 weeks I miscarried. But I am pregnant again and am staying positive as it would be rare for that to happen again but still very early days. Best of luck to you Tegan89 smile You did it once you can do it again. Same with me.
Tegan89 wrote:
I saw that but was unable to load the site. Any other way to join?

just leave your email in the January thread and someone will add you smile

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