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Hi All
I would like to know if it is important to find a midwife. This is my second pregnancy and I'm currently 10 weeks. I found out that I was pregnant again at like 7 weeks through a home pregnancy test. I don't really want a midwife as the last one i had was not helpful i really just had help from the midwifes and doctor when I was in labour with my Son. She said to me that she will leave me with the help of the nurses and see me at home a week later. My Son was born in Hamilton and when he was 6 months I moved back to Wellington. I'm from South Africa and been in NZ for 7 years. None of my sisters in South Africa had a midwife, so I'm just wondering if I can just stick to my GP or is it necessary to have a midwife. I'm currently living in wellington City so and ideas of where I can get a midwife or can I just rely on the midwifes in Wellington Hospital.
Any help and info will be greatly appreciated

Thank you
Dominique Auer
Hi Dominique
I'm sorry you didn't have much luck with your last midwife.

I'm pretty sure that GP's don't do maternity care. You need to either have a midwife or a OB. You can get a referral for a OB if you have medical problems or you can go private and pay for it yourself. I don't know too much about that though. I'm not sure if Southern Cross hospital in Wellington does this.

I currently have a midwife and an OB as I have blood pressure issues which is a great arrangement. is your best bet of finding one. Once you have one, they should see you through your pregnancy and of course for six weeks afterwards. Don't be afraid to chat to a few different ones before you decide smile
I know in Australia you can have your choice of either GP, Obstetrician or midwife care, or shared care between all of them.
But that's in Australia so may not be of relevance to you. But here our GP's do do maternity care. Although you have to pay $65 every visit and the midwives at the hospital are free to visit so I prefer to see them. Plus I think they are better at anti natal care coz they are specially trained in anti natal stuff, although gp's can do it too.

Good luck with it all

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