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midwife or shared care? Lock Rss

Hi I'm 6 weeks pregnant and deciding whether to go with just a midwife or have shared care with a specialist.
I've had 2 previous miscarriages in the last 9 months. At 6 and 8 weeks.
If I have shared care with a specialist it will cost $3500 is it worth it. I do want the best care but it's a lot of money to be paying.
I'm due 31st December right when the best midwifes and specialists want holidays, so might get stuck with whoever is around in the hospital if I don't go with a specialist.
what are everyone's thoughts?
Hi I'm 35 weeks and ever since about 20 weeks I've chosen to transfer my care to the midwives at the local hospital, in my opinion it's a lot better to see them as its free and they specialise in anti natal care, I too am considered "high risk" because I have gestational diabetes, somthing your care provider will test you for when you are 28-30 weeks and I have to use insulin because of it, I see an obstetrician at my local hospital also, but it doesn't cost me anything, and he specialises in high risk pregnancies ect.
You shouldn't have to pay for a specialist obstetrician, unless you are going to a private hospital, public hospital care is just as good, and at no cost.
It's up to you whether you choose joint care between a GP & midwives but really consider a midwive/s, as they are always happy to help you with anything you are worried about and they know what they're doing, it's thier job.
Mine are always helpful and happy to answer any questions i have. And even though the best midwives and specialists might want holidays in December, there are always more midwives, doctors,anaethitists ect available at hospitals, to care for you while in labour and birthing. Don't worry about that. Good luck with it all smile

Hi Cats
I'm doing both through the public system. My GP referred me to the maternity unit at the hospital due to me having high blood pressure. I go for my first appointment with an OB on the 19th and see the midwife on Monday. I really like this combination as I get the best of both worlds smile
My midwife works as part of a team and has chosen to work over the christmas period (I'm due 23 Dec) but won't be available for the after care. However, I will be getting her partner for that whom I'll get to meet throughout the pregnancy.

Hope you get it sorted!
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