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Causes of Hives During Pregnancy Rss

While some causes of hives are difficult to establish, some common ones are as follows:

Insect bites.
Consumption of food items that cause hives as an allergic reaction
Coming in contact with insect and animal dander.
Pollen or exposure to certain chemicals that cause hives. cookie clicker
Taking certain medicines during pregnancy may cause hives as a side effect.
Pregnancy leads to weight gain, and when you put on weight, your skin stretches and loses its moisture. The lose of skin moisture causes severe dryness and lead to itching, and in some cases, hives also.
In some cases, anxiety and stress may also cause hives during pregnancy.
Low immunity during pregnancy makes you more prone to allergies and infections; thus increasing your chances of developing hives.
This is all true, but to treat the problem, you need to accurately determine the cause, and it is best to do this at an appointment with a dermatologist.
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