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IVF failed Rss

Hi guys. So my friends first IVF cycle failed. We don't understand why this happened. She has started another cycle. I really hope it works this time. She has lost all hopes. We need your prayers.
Sorry to hear about your loss.
Now at the age of 43 i am married again to someone else and we want a baby of our own.
I know at this age it is quite difficult to have a baby off my own womb.
Thinking of previous complications regarding pregnancy i would not try to be pregnant again.
From my last marriage i had many complications regarding pregnancy.
I don't have any other options left so far so surrogacy is the only solution to my problems i guess.
My husband agreed for surrogacy so i started looking for clinics with good surrogacy records.
I founded many clinics regarding surrogacy and i picked up the few clinics too for further discussion with them.
I contacted many clinics and told them every aspect of our complications.
From their satisfied answers i guess some clinics are the best solution for having a baby.
So i suggest that you people should also do your own research regarding surrogacy and should contact different clinics for further details.
Everytime miscarriage happened to me.
But i'm worried about many other aspects like my behaviour towards the baby after knowing everything.
Like when the baby grows up what i should tell him/her.
So i persuaded my husband to go for surrogacy to have our own children.
Someone raising a child via surrogacy should share their experience.
Hey there. I hope you and your friend are doing well. Awful news to find out. I feel like hugging your friend. I have a friend who had a successful IVF process. It worked out for her, really well. She got lucky in her first cycle. She's really happy like you'd expect her to be. The reason I'm telling you this is because she had 2 miscarriages before she opted for IVF. I've had multiple miscarriages too. IVF is a complicated process. A lot of time it doesn't work. However, don't lose hope and keep the faith. It'll happen. Good luck!
Hi! Sorry to hear about your friend. As a mother, I can understand her. As the matter of IVF, it is a good thing. But in many cases, it fails. It depends on the case and mother also. I failed for two times. But I did not lose hope. I went for the surrogacy. I got a baby son through it. So I suggest to your friend that does not lose courage. Be a brave lady. My all best wishes to her. God bless her. Take care of her.
I am really sorry for the critical situation you are going through. It is true there comes a time when we tired after facing the same situation again and again. But surely after listening to my story you would change the mind. My story sounds similar to you. I also saw the terrible days in my life and unable to conceive the baby. Although the insulin level was accurate and perfect but the doctor could not understands the inner problems. We visit to many medical research centers and finally with the blessing of God, we made it with hard work and conceive the baby. You know dear, we had the similar problems but I never lose the hope and finally I am here to suggest you to keep the mind and get the complete support of husband in every moment. I would suggest you to take care of your health properly. There are many medical research based test that can help in conceiving the baby.
Hey. I am so sorry for you. This must be so hard for you. I know it must be painful. IVF is a good procedure to have babies. Though it is an unnatural way of having babies. I went for it when I was left infertile after my miscarriages. I had 3 miscarriages in 6 months I was broken. So when I went for IVF it failed in second cycle too. I was so upset. I gave up on having babies. Later I came to know about surrogacy. I went for it to a clinic in Europe. They provided me with a surrogate. It was then easy because it is so hard to find a healthy surrogate. She gave birth to a healthy baby. I was so happy.
Hello. I am so sad for you. This must be so difficult for you. I know it must be agonizing. IVF is a decent method to have babies. In spite of the fact that it is an unnatural method for having babies. I put it all on the line when I was left infertile. I was infertile and wasted 10 years. I was broken. So when I went for IVF it bombed in the second cycle as well. I was so vexed. I abandoned having babies. Later I came to think about surrogacy. I pulled out all the stops to a clinic in Europe. They gave me a surrogate. It was then simple since it is so difficult to find a sound surrogate. She brought forth a sound infant. I was so happy to have a baby.
Hey there! Hope you and your friend are doing fine. I hope and wish that your friend upcoming second cycle of IVF gives a positive result. But if anything not working properly. Then she needs not take a stress. I suggest her to go for a surrogacy. Surrogacy is a blessing in disguise for infertile couples. I hope all went well on her side. Stay blessed.
Hey! I am so sorry for your friend's loss. I can understand her situation because IVF was also failed in my case. I had some Cervical Incompetence due to which I was left infertile. I thought I would not be able to have a baby in my life. I was so disappointed. Then, I came to know about Surrogacy. I went to the Suggested Clinic in Europe. Now I am a happy mother. Surrogacy is a blessing indeed.
Hey there. How are you doing? I hope you are doing great. I am rfeally sorry to hear about your friend. I know it must be hard for her. I have been through it. Many of us hear have. I hoep she is strong. I hope she has all the support. These times can be hard. Ivf is a great proceddure. It will surelly work. I wish her good luck. I hope she get swhat she wants. Good luck. Take acare.
I failed at IVF and IUI. Trying to conceive is such a difficult part of my married life.I am ttc from last 10 years.Still i don't have any luck with it.
There is no specfic cause of my infertility.I have gone through several medical tests regaring infertility but doctors can't decide the main cause for my infertility.So they have called me infertile for life.
I want a baby too badly as i have been trying to conceive from the last decade.I am looking for other alternatives to have a baby.I have looked into a numbe rof options like adoption,surrogacy.
I have came to know from many forums about surrogacy. i heard many infertile women going for surrogacy.People on forum are discussing mostly about surrogacy,People discuss about clinics mostly.
Hello there. First of all am sorry to hear this. I really hope your friend is doing fine. Infertility is really a big issue. I really wish no one has to through such a time in their life. It is really brave of your friend going for it second time. It takes a lot of a person going through it once yet going for it twice I can only imagine. the procedure is hard so the result can be like that. I totally understand losing hope in a situation like this because such a suffering can have a huge toll on mental health. You should never give up though no matter what. Going through it the second time you should take care of your health. It is really good to have a supportive circle around you in such a time of need. There is nothing to be worried about. Surrogacy is always another option. Our prayers are with you. Best of luck.
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