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TTC after miscarriage Lock Rss

Hi ladies,

I'm looking for advice on TTC after a miscarriage.
TTC is new to me and after approx 3 months of trying I got my BFP of 4 first response pregnancy tests- I have PCOS so thought my cycle was shorter so as a result I got my BFP quite early, after 2 blood test my hcg levels dropped and begun MC today.

My question is where to from here? What has anyone else experienced I've been an emotional wreck today and want to have a plan to look forward too.

I'm sorry you are having to go through a MC. It's horrible but you will become a stronger person for it!

I had one in Feb at six weeks after almost a year of trying. For me, it was more emotionally hard than physically. I was able to pass everything naturally and quite quickly. My HCG levels dropped very quickly too. I stopped bleeding after two weeks, it felt like the period that would never end!

Everyone goes through a MC differently. Give yourself time to grieve and you will probably find yourself having good days and then out of the blue, you'll tear up. At least that what is what like for me. We were ready to TTC immediately (the doc just recommended waiting for one cycle) once I got the all clear.

We got our second BFP after that cycle. I was in shock...really thought it was going to take us an other year! Those first 12 weeks were pretty emotional but I tried so hard to stay positive. That 12 week scan was amazing! I'm now almost 22 weeks along and we've got a healthy boy growing.

They say that you are more fertile after a MC and I believe it! Try and stay positive and when you feel ready to try again, do so!

Sending you hugs!

Thank you Kriska, your words mean so much to me. I do feel for my poor DH I am talking fine one minute then bursting into tears the next.

Thank you again for your reply and lovely words

Hi JT,

I am very sorry for your loss - miscarriage is just not fair.
We had a miscarriage after our first month TTC - I had bleeding at around 7 weeks and then had blood tests which confirmed I was miscarrying.
We saw my doctor and she said it was fine to start trying again straight away. We did, and we fell pregnant again straight away (about 2 weeks after miscarriage) and now we have a healthy 17 month old girl.
Its very hard but I just thought, everything happens for a reason. We TTC straight away and that was my way of coping. You will find your own way to cope.

Sending lots of cuddles x

I'm so sorry you've had to go through this today sad

I had a d&c yesterday after confirming I had a missed miscarriage however they couldn't do anything until my hcg levels started dropping which was at 9 weeks. We lost our bean at around 5 1/2 wks.

Right now I'm not in the right head space to consider TTC again as I'm working through a lot of self blame for what happened even though I have no control over what happened. In all honesty I'm not sure when I'll be ready again but I do feel this miscarriage has given me a second chance at something.

I felt miserable for about 2 weeks especially while we where stuck in limbo as to whether we had miscarried or not and that was quite possibly the worst 2 weeks I've ever experienced in my life. In my own experience it wasn't until I woke up from my d&c that I felt like a real person again and that was only 24 hours ago...

I think the other posts are correct in saying we all find our own way to cope and you will too, but please know if you need somebody to talk to I'm floating around here.

JT as mentioned on the TTC Aug thread I went through similar earlier this year. I found that it important to grieve properly, and even now if I think about it I can cry at the drop of a hat. I bought a little teddy for the baby we lost and even though when we do have a healthy child, it will be their bear, I just wanted to acknowledge they child we lost in some way and the fact that he/she was loved even if it was for such a small amount of time. We tried to conceive straight away, had no luck the next cycle and I'm in the tww for the cycle after that, so we'll see what happens. I have found though I I'm a lot more realistic now about the reality of ttc and am not obsessively researching stuff anymore, just being more laid back and letting nature take its course. Again, I'm so sorry you're going through this, it really is horrible. sad
I'm so sorry for your loss.

I had a missed miscarriage in late June so I know how you feel. I had a scan at 10 weeks to discover the baby had passed away at 8 weeks and had a D & C the next day. It still upsets me but it does get easier.
We tried again 4 weeks after (when my ovulation test was positive) but haven't been successful this month.

Here's hoping next month is the one for me. Good luck. smile

I've had two miscarriages and conceived again immediately after. I have a 10mo daughter and I'm 7 weeks.

Be kind to yourself. It's just the beginning of your journey x
I've had two miscarriages and conceived again immediately after. I have a 10mo daughter and I'm 7 weeks.

Be kind to yourself. It's just the beginning of your journey x
I feel your pain, as I too discovered today that I am MCing, & although only 5 weeks pregnant the devastation is beyond words. I feel empty, emotionally spent & yet hoping that there is some light at the end of the tunnel. I feel guilty also for being so upset as I have 3 other beautiful healthy children that do not know. I want the bleeding to stop. The pain to stop, the emptiness to go away. I hope this doesn't last long & eventually things will work out for the best. Wishing you all the best for a fertile future & success.
I love the idea of buying a Teddy as a memorial. I'm hoping time will heal.
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