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Mummas of June 2018 Rss

Hey everyone!

I'm new to this website and also first time pregnant! My friends have strongly reccommended this forum so we could organise a Facebook page for chatting and having meetings.
It would be great to share experiences with new and second/third/fourth/... time mums :]
Please join me if you are on the same boat, aka due month :]

Congratulations Mamana!! It seems that you and I are on the same boat, since I am also new here and due in June!
Hi all.

Joining you all here. Im due June 16th (ish) with baby number two.
my daughter Eliza is 2y2m old.
I live in Christchurch, NZ.

My last EDD group formed on here and then moved to "the other side" where almost 3 years later there's still 40+ of us in contact daily and a group of 8 in my town who meet frequently.
If anyone wants to make a group (mamana) ill happily join it

If we are making a group feel free to add me.
My name is Christina and my last name is my handle name. cool
picture is grey & white of my daughter drawing on a mangnadoodle smile

Hi ladies!
I've just made a secret Facebook group called June babies nz.
Let me know if you're able to find it ????
The page has little baby feet as the main pic when you search it- I've changed it to 'closed group, so you can find it ????
Hi ladies, I'm newly pregnant with No.3. I'd love to join any secret group that you form smile
Id love to join but not unless it's secret. we aren't telling family for a while. And you can see closed groups.
To be added to a secret group you must be friends with a member first.
I've said who I am up there.happy to become friends to join, then delete again if you want

We have a friend in common (Alice L) we studied together and now live around the corner from each other. But aren't close.
If you make the group secret I'm happy to co-admin to help add ppl as I don't care if they become friends - my FB profile is pretty boring

Hey girls!! That's awesome you created a page, Bethlang. I've just joined :]

Anyone in the Bay of Plenty area here? More specially, the Mount?
Hi, I'm keen to join too please, I'm due June 6th. I tried looking for the group but couldn't see it, is it secret now?
Hi Ladies. I am due June 11 with Bub #4. Was wondering whether the Facebook page was running yet?
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