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Due December 2015 Lock Rss

hi beautiful ladies,

I know it's still really early days, but I've made a due December group for everyone due in December 2015.
If you would like to join and we can all share this amazing experience together.

If you add me as a friend I can then add you into the group.

Look forward to seeing you all there.
Congratulations!! What is your due date? 8th dec with #2 smile

Can you change it to a private group? We aren't telling people yet and I don't want it on my Facebook page
Ive made it a secret group now smile
Im due dec 3rd but thats just going by my LMP, having blood test and dating scan this week.
This will be #2 for us too.
Hi ladies, could I please be added to the private Facebook group? I've tried the link above, but it won't work. Thanks and congrats !!
Opps sorry now thats its a secret group il have to add you as a friend of fb to add people into the group.
so if you just pop your email below ill add you. smile
Thanks, I'll just message you my email once you've accepted to follow me on here
Just don't want to put my email on here ; )
Lol thays all right expect I cant seem to find out where to accept you on here.
if you add me on fb ill add you into the group.
I'll send you a friend request now (I'm renee as well) ????
Hi there, I would love to join the group too if possible. Currently 4w1d due 10thDec. Will be our #1 (all going well) concieved via IVF
Can you please add me to the group : ) olivia bromby. Due 1st Dec (I think)
Congratulations all, I'm 4th December what I've worked out so far, will know more when I have a scan.
Could you please add me
It's my spiritual page, as I haven't told many people yet due to previous miscarriages last year I don't want to add on my main page as yet.
THANK YOU - hope all are feeling well smile

2nd child due 17th Oct

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