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15 weeks - how much milk? Rss

My baby girl is 15 weeks and has a 210ml bottle at 7am, 180ml bottle at 11am, 180ml bottle at 2:30/3pm and 210ml bottle at 6pm.

So a total of 780ml a day.

Is this enough?

She was having 180ml 5 times a day but at her last visit to the CHN at 12 weeks she weighed 6760g and the nurse said I have to watch her weight as she was getting close to the top of the curve. Not sure what she wanted me to do - starve her or something. She always finishes her bottles and never spills after.

So after feeling guilty I dropped her 10:30pm 180ml bottle and she was able to get through till 7am without a feed but took a lot of resettling for a while.

Then when I increased her first and last feed she began sleeping through but in the last few days has began to wake earlier again.

Not sure what to do now?!?!

How much does your baby have?
hi my baby is 11 weeks and she has 150ml six times a day... so 900ml she's as boofer too smile at 2 months she was 5.6kgs, but the chn told me that her weight (which is in the 90th percentile) is ok because her height is right up there too! so she said if they were in correlation to each other it's ok smile

I am hoping to drop one of alieras bottles soon but i'm not worried, as long as there happy and sleeping well i wouldn't be too concerned smile

katie VIC dd 30/8/03 dd2/4/06

we had problems with our DS gaining weight. took him to the paedatrition and he gave me a formula to work out how much he should be getting.....
Weight x 15 divided by number of feeds per day, so for example.... if bub weighs 5 kilos...
5000 (grams) x 15 divided by 6 (feeds) which equals 125mls per feed.
my DS was 4590g (10lb 2oz) at birth. He lost 600g in 4 weeks. He is now 8 weeks old and has 200ml five feeds a day. He doesnt often have much less than that, sometimes he will leave 10-20ml.
The paed said cause he was on the highest curve and when he lost weight was on the average, we have to try to get him up to the high arc again.
I wouldnt worry too much, if she is getting through the bottles, not spewing anything back up, then she obviously wants/needs it....
good luck smile

My baby girl is nearly 10 weeks and won't drink any more than 100ml in each feed which leaves her hungry every 3 hours. I give her 7 feeds (formula) in 24 hours a total of about 700ml, which means I am up twice in the night - generally 12.30, and 4am and then again around 7.

How do I drop a feed and get her to drink more in each feed?

She fusses when I encourage her to drink more in any one feed.
hi my baby is 15weeks today and has 4x 150mil bottles and 1x180mil bottle perday so thats about 780mils per day and weight's just over 6.5kg. She has the most cutest chubby legs! and when i put her wondersuits on at night size 000 buttons pop out of there places and size 00 just about button up. don't follow those charts because babies grow so fast...!!! and every bub is different...
My daughter is 14 weeks 5 days. (Almost 15)

She drinks approx 750-850mL in 24hours. Every day it varies. She is 61cm in length and 5.4kg. She weighed 2.7kg at birth. I am wishing she ate more and would gain more weight.
this is a little bit confusing question. It depends on your formula that you made. I mean your time setting when you feed him/her every day. No one can give you a single accurate answer to it. certain factors involved in this. It depends on your baby’s age and weight. It also depends whether you are feeding him/her or giving him/her a solid milk. Your baby formula may help you to determine the exact amount of milk. If your baby is not on solid milk, then you can easily use to work with his/her plan. You can easily deduce formula. It has been observed that many babies need milk between 150ml to 200ml if their weight is 1 kg. if your baby weight is 3 kg then he will need roughly 450ml to 500ml. this will be enough to satisfy his hunger in a day. The first day he needs a small quantity because at that time his tummy size is small. With the growth of the baby, his tummy grows more and more.
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