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I need a new washing machine UPDATED Rss

Look, I will be honest with you.....

I HATE my front loader. I bought it with the best of intentions. Save on water, save on electricity yada yada. And you know probably did before we had kids.

Now though... its taking me all day to do a couple of loads of washing.
If you set it on the cycle that is appropriate for the clothes - then you are looking at 1.5 - 3 hours with the washer going. (How on earth does that use less electricity then a 15 min top loader? blink Plus our water pump runs everytime it puts water into the washer, so more electricity there!!) Due to washing taking so long to do, I now do every load on the minimum wash 30 mins and then add an extra rinse and spin, taking it up to 40 mins. This combined with the fact that my machine is close to having a nervous breakdown means that it keeps stopping around 10 mins and staying on it for hours. I then have to reset it to 13 mins (the absolute shortest cycle - which appears to not do anything) and I have to hope it goes past 10 mins. (this can happen if the clothes are unbalanced...except I can't open it to rebalance them, I have to start the cycle again.) a front loader saving me on water and electricity. No.
It is costing me more, using more of my rainwater and locking my clothes in when I have had enough. It also destroyed a lot of my cloth nappies (on the baby setting) in about 4 washes and now they are all tatty.

I will NEVER buy a front loader again.

thanks everyone, I really appreciate your opinions!

Can anyone comment on the noisey-ness of their machine (TL or FL). Our new laundry will very soon be across the hall from the girls room and even with doors closed it needs to be quiet.

I dont mind that a FL takes ages to wash on an eco setting if it means that its extremely quiet and I can do a load at any time of the day or night which is something I currently cant do - my TL is soooooo noisey!
We have a Simpson water saving TL, its a piece of junk. Noisy as and takes a long time to do a wash and then everything comes out so scrunched up need to iron.

Previously had a good ole Hoover TL which was great... but it died after about 12 years and then we made the mistake of buying the Simpson <img src='<#EMO_DIR#>/dry.gif' class='bbc_emoticon' alt='<_<' />
Good timing for this thread, I am going to get a new washing machine on friday! Have never brought a new one as the one I have was given to me second hand by a family member. It still works fine but it is only 5kg! So way too small! It is only me and dp atm and I find it too small. So I'm sure when baby arrives we will need a bigger one.

I am looking at getting a TL, had a FL at my last work and it would drive me nuts! We are thinking we will get 7kg but have no idea which brand! Also we would prefer to buy it from Good Guys as we have $400 of gift vouchers for there so would like to use them.

2 little blondies.. make sure you tell us what you end up buying please smile
Ours can be quite loud Rach...but that's usually if we try to cram too much into it. laugh

Actually I reckon its because of the dodgy floors in this house. *sigh* Sure if we mucked around with the feet that it would quieten down but we can't be bothered as the laundry is behind 2 closed doors and the boys usually sleep through it.

We have a Bosch Maxx Classic front loader and love it! A electrician friend of mine also has one and reckons that you can't go past a Bosch. As a repairman he says Boschs rarely need repairs and it is the only brand he would ever recommend. My mum and my sister have both bought the same machine now too. Think it cost us about $650 about two or three years ago. It get used every day and never skips a beat.

My machine has completely died today - wont spin at all and now wont even drain the water!

So, DH is leaving work early and swinging by the Good Guys and picking up a Samsung front loader ... its the bubblewash one!

I hope its good!!!!! grin
i love my fisher and paykel water smart!

it's a top loader but uses front loader detergent as it consumes less water
it has a special cycle for nappies and cycles for just about anything (chocolate stains, tomato stains, mud, grass, wool, hand wash, quilts, toys, hygiene clean,blacks, whites, sheets, shoes...) anything you need

and it's so easy to operate with digital touch screen that write and display your wash description and photo in plain english

i got an 8kg i forgot how much it costs but i guess it around 1000$ or a bit less

but do make sure your floors are level because it will throw your load out of balance and you have to keep opening it and redistributing your load otherwise...

i strongly recommed it i've had mine for over 3 years and never had problems with it it's still as new i would buy it again!

smile good luck


If you set it on the cycle that is appropriate for the clothes - then you are looking at 1.5 - 3 hours with the washer going. (How on earth does that use less electricity then a 15 min top loader? a front loader saving me on water and electricity. No.

I was kinda wondering about that. I couldn't see how it would use less electricity if it takes that long to do a load.

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