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Casino scams - best online casino Rss

Casino scams - best online casino
All players are characterized by passion and thirst for new thrills. The thirst for risk and the desire for easy quick money sometimes plays a cruel joke with us and inclines gamblers to various scams and fraud.

As Ovid said 2,000 years ago, "We always strive for the forbidden and want the illicit."

In the past, casino scams were often practiced, and adventurous sharpers in their Arsenal had several successful tricks in cheating a gambling house.

Vintage shulerskih techniques
The most traditional way is collusion, to gain an advantage over other players. Sharper in a team game serve each other pre-negotiated signs and exchange information about their cards.

This also includes drop cards, tricks with the substitution of the card, when the desired card is hidden in the sleeve, and then imperceptibly replaces another. Similar techniques used IDA summers, sometimes in advance of this lady deftly pulled the right cards and so cleverly slipped them in the right moment.

Sleight of hand and no fraud
The scams in the casino's next Shuler reception when playing roulette belonged to Richard Marcus. His deception was based on the carelessness of the dealer and the psychological game. Having always only two chips: a minimum of $ 5 and a maximum value of $ 500, he made a bet, putting on top of a small chip. In case of a loss, he distracted the dealer and quickly took the chips, and since Marcus always pretended to be very drunk, the latter preferred not to mess with a noisy drunkard because of such a small bet.

Well, when he won, he created a lot of noise around his "unexpected" luck. This simple technique, according to the author, brought him about $5 million and was never disclosed.

Caps or Scam with a late bet in roulette
Prior to the establishment of video surveillance systems when playing roulette sharper often used a simple technique, as an increase in rates after hitting the ball in the hole.

The principle was to distract the dealer with an accomplice. At this point, new chips were added to the winning initial bet, and in the absence of the required bet, several chips were scattered on the table, including the number that fell out.

Such sharper usually behaved aggressively and always chose noisy tables with a large number of players.

Brilliant mathematics
Scam in casinopolis more difficult for true mathematical geniuses is a system of counting cards when playing Blackjack. This system has been widely used since 50 — 60 years of XX century. The founder can be considered Jess Marcum. Counting out of the deck of cards, he was able to increase his advantage over the casino several times and beat many gambling establishments in Las Vegas.

Exactly Marcum became the first person not using shulerskih techniques, were blacklisted. Next, a similar strategy was applied by ed Thorpe, Ken Uston.

Personally I don't consider this method cheating, not everyone can manage it even apply. The exception is if you use to calculate some devices or do it in team.

Fraud with the counting system using devices and PCs
Scam in casinorestaurant mini computer in 1972, engineer and inventor Keith Taft. The control levers were hidden in his shoes, and the computer was attached to the belt. The information about all cards dropped out in the game was entered into the computer by toes. By the end, the computer calculated the probability of winning or losing. The result was displayed micro bulbs of red or green in the frame of glasses.

Mentioned Ken Uston, along with a team of his comrades was the first who used when playing chips in shoes and on the body. Counting combinations, players exchanged radio signals and took out the casino. After the disclosure of their fraud, the use of computers in the casino became illegal.

Professional team Scam
The next trick is also based on the card counting system and was used by team players. You must have seen the movie "Twenty-one"? So, this is a real story about a team of brilliant student analysts from the Massachusetts Institute of technology, known as the MIT Team. The guys had a double life and flew to Vegas for the weekend.

Scam in casinored the guidance of investors and managers students have mastered advanced card counting system. Exchanging coded words and signs, the team won more than $10 million in a couple of years. Not a bad increase in the scholarship?!

So as not to attract attention they have made minor errors in the game and constantly changed the image. However, the team wound up a traitor who passed all the guts to the security service of one of the casinos.

Tricks with bones
You can train to throw dice so that they give the desired combination. Previously, the sharper sawed for this purpose faces or shifted the center of gravity. Now, when you throw the dice is given rotation, but without turning, so you need a combination always remains on top.

Famous craps player Dominic Lo-Riggio won hundreds of thousands of dollars this way.

Hidden camera
Scam in casinoau reception is often used when playing baccarat. Scammers use the camera in the sleeve or cufflink. According to the rules of the game, the dealer makes an invitation to move the deck. At this point, the sharper pricks the deck with his finger, and a sequence of cards is recorded on the film.

To find out the location of the cards in the deck, the machinator must leave the table and view the record. Returning to the game, a savvy crook and won the casino, and the rest of the players.

Hacker Scam
Computer hacker Dennis Nicras wanted to pick up the key to the treasure one-armed bandit. Not having access to the machine through a PC, he himself developed a computer micro chip, though to study the device of the machine, the swindler had to buy his own slot.

Casino scams

Later, he found accomplices. While they were covering him from the surveillance cameras, the craftsman opened the machine with a key bought on the black market, and introduced his "modified" chip into his system. The whole procedure of the hacker attack took less than a minute.

Without delay, one of the accomplices took off on the slot machine jackpot.

For the speculator, it ended badly, as later accomplices ratted him out.

The mechanism of radio
The last Scam was conducted in 1973, a casino employee, part-time hobbyist, and mixed on a family contract. The croupier at the roulette table came up with the idea of developing a radio-controlled ball.

Casino scams

It was programmed to hit six different holes. The control panel was successfully disguised as a pack of cigarettes.

More a matter of technique. The dealer's son-in-law made a serious bet. During the roulette run, the croupier's sister sat at a nearby table with a radio transmitter and controlled the process. The money flowed.

But the deceivers were killed by their greed. During the week they stole 5 million francs from the casino, and the unprofitable table began to attract the attention of the administration. Viewing the film revealed no violations, but the attention was attracted by the same sister — Monica. SB noticed that in her hands is always the same pack of cigarettes, and the lady spends all the time alone. The mechanism of deception was immediately disclosed.

Here are just a few examples of the many scams that were carried out by crooks in the casino. Over time, security and surveillance systems have made it difficult for fraudsters to cheat the casino. However, fans profit at the expense of others do not sleep and invent new ingenious techniques and methods of enrichment in the casino.
Interesting topic. There are a lot of scammers in the casino industry. Every day hundreds of casinos that can be drawn on the Internet are closed. The main task of the player is not to play such projects. Better to choose a fair casino. Then you can play safely
Fraud is found everywhere. Not only in casinos can you meet non-honest offices. It is now easy to determine that there are various top lists of different casinos, both the best and the worst. There are no problems with identifying non-fair casinos
The topic is correct because of the casino fraudsters who are trying to fraudulently seize the money in casino all players should know. They use various ingenious tricks and fraudulent methods and various fraudulent schemes of the game. This is done for the purpose of not receiving your winnings getting winnings with a losing bet or no bet at all, as well as getting winnings in sizes much larger than expected for a bet. The casino security service knows and tries to track such specialists about the majority of such tricks. The goal of a different type of scam is the money of casino players, that is, our hard-won winnings and just cash. This type of scam uses all of its tricks to trick ordinary players and steal their money. Here you can also count the pocket thieves of the clavlers and ordinary thieves of waiting players at the exit from the casino.
The most important thing in a casino is its honesty. When a casino is not engaged in fraud. Playing such a game is one thing. Bad online casinos are few but they are there. The main thing is to determine it Then everything will be fine and your money will be whole
Of course, you are right, and some casinos can take your money without any guarantees. To check if the online casino can be trusted you should first of all check its license. Most online casinos that have license issued by UKGC can be trusted. Also, you can check its rating on -, this website checks online casinos, its software, licenses, certificates etc.
Også du kan stole på alle casinoer med lisens av MGA. Du kan også sjekke omtaler og vurderinger på -, dette nettstedet sjekker online casinoer, dets programvare, lisenser, sertifikater etc.
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