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Hi parents! Just wondering if anyone else is having trouble buying formula? I usually use Bellamy's stage 2 but have heard there is a shortage and have been struggling to get it recently. I was wanting to know what other formulas you might suggest as good ones that you haven't had trouble getting? Thanks in advance smile
I've heard bellamy's and aptamil, karicare are are hard to get at the moment. Try S26 or Nan, I buy Nan for my son and I've not had problems getting it. Those are the only 2 I would go for, though I don't think they are organic, like bellamy's, if that's what your after.

I'm mostly just after a good quality one, the 'organic' label is not necessarily a must but I would prefer it if I had the choice. A lot of mums seem to recommend nan so I might give that a go smile
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