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Infertility and surrogacy Rss

Hello ladies. How are you all? Infertility has become a common issue nowadays. I had complications from the start of my marriage. I had TTC many times but didn't conceive naturally even a once. I and my DH tired of being tried again and again and resulted in failure. Then I came to know about surrogacy. I went to Ukraine, here I found a reputable clinic from which I had provided with great facilities. Finally, I had blessed with a baby girl. I wish you all ladies best of luck.
Hi there. I am doing good. How are you? Well yes, you are right. Infertility has become very common. Not only in women. In males too. It has affected both the partners. There are numerous reasons for it. I won't go it that. Now, yes there are treatments. Thanks to medical science. They have saved infertile couples. There is IUI. IVF is also another option. Surrogacy, as you said is amazing too. I am glad you found your happiness in surrogacy. Good luck with the baby.
It’s good to hear this news, dear! Finally, you chose surrogacy. It is merely a blessing for people like you and me. However, I can’t help but feel excited about your journey. You’re definitely on the right track. I have no doubts that you will experience happiness. Infertility is a curse. But I’m glad you’ve found a way to get over it. Keep us updated on your journey. Can’t wait to hear more about it. You deserve happiness after a tough journey.IVF and IUI are also amazing processes. but personally i think surrogacy is the best. surrogacy worked for me. and i am really happy that i went for it. i moved to Ukraine for the procedure. the clinic faciliated us a lot in every way, guided us and helped us. the staff was amazing and so encouraging. i am so happy that you went for surrogacy.
Hi Honey, Infertility is an evil which is prevailing rapidly nowadays all over the world. It is affecting many couples out there. Every now and then there are people posting about their infertility. Its rate seems to be unstoppable. I know infertility is kind of a big deal but it's not like it's the end of the world. I have been infertile for almost 10 years but all I had for those 10 years was faith in my body and God. Infertility can lead you to depression but it is up to you to look after your self your body needs to be taken care of even if it can't fulfill your needs. I chose IVF for me. Both surrogacy and IVF are worth the wait. I have went through IVF and now I am 10 weeks pregnant. I am happy you took a timely decision for yourself. stay safe and happy.
Hello! How are you doing dear? Well, yes! That's tough. But, eventually good chance you took. My cousin sister also had surrogacy for having a child last year. She also went to a center in Ukraine. Actually, she couldn't afford it here in the U.S. Anyway! Thanks for sharing your success story here. I'm an IVF candidate for next month. I'm also intended to share mine, just after getting it successful. So, yeah! Please pray for me. I really need this to work. xx
Hello there. How are you doing? I am so happy for you. Surrogacy is such a big blessing. It is the best choice for infertile couples. The best treatment is in Ukraine. I am so happy that you didn't lose hope and you want for it. I wish you have many more beautiful children. I hope it is everything you dreamed about. You gave me so much hope. Thank you. Love for you.
Hey. I hope you are doing fine. I am so sorry for you. But the best thing is you are a mother. I am so happy for you. Indeed surrogacy is an amazing process. I also have a baby through surrogacy. I went to a clinic in Europe. The clinic provided me with a healthy surrogate. I am a mother of a daughter now. I am happy that I made a right decision.
I hope you are fine. I am so sad for you. I am happy that you are a mother now. I am so happy for you. Indeed surrogacy is a wonderful process. It is a blessing for many people. I also have a baby through surrogacy. I went to a clinic in Europe. The clinic provided me all the facilities they could. I am a mother of a daughter now. I am so grateful to the surrogate too. I am happy that I made a right decision.
Hey. I am so happy for your success. I was also infertile due to Cervix incompetence disease. I had suffered miscarriages in my second trimester after my marriage. After that, I was not able to conceive. I was so upset and disappointed. But then I came to know that I am not the one. I made my mind that I have to choose something for me. So I chose surrogacy. I have a daughter now. I am happy that I didn't waste much time. I would recommend this to the people who are not able to conceive babies.
Hi, I am doing good. What's about you? I am sorry to hear about to you. Yes, It is really heartbreaking. When you tried again and again and no results. But I am happy about your success in surrogacy. Many congrats for a little princess. Your story is really couraging. And one thing more you are lucky to have a supportive husband. I was declared as infertile last year. It was really depressing for me. But the thing that always supportive to me. It was the care and love of my dear husband. He always said that Dear I am always with you. If we are unable to conceive it's okay. We will find its solution. And by his struggle we got the solution. And the solution is surrogacy. I was a bit worried about the process. When I join this forum. I read here many success stories like yours. these make me satisfied. Now we have consulted a clinic in Ukraine. I will start my surrogacy journey soon
Lots of love for little angel. And Of course need your prayers.
Wow! you have taken such a sensible and wise decision. Surrogacy is such a great blessing for the people like you and me. However, I can't escort you but it's a wonderful practice. You are going very smoothly. Your dream will definitely come true. Infertility is very depressing and heartbreaking. However, I loved it that you found a way to overcome your infertility. Wishing you a blast of luck for your journey. I hope you'll keep us updated on it. You really deserve to become a mother. Surrogacy and IVF are two different techniques to have a baby. I personally suggest and prefer surrogacy treatment. I also had surrogacy treatment from Europe. We went to a prominent clinic on the recommendation of many friends. I'm sure it will make your dream come true. A blast of luck to you in think regard!
"Hey dear, how are you? Hope you are fine. Congratulations on your successful journey. Am glad that you had posted it for us. It will surely motivate many women out there. These treatments are doing wonders in the life of infertile couples. Surrogacy is not less than a blessing of science.
Its like a last hope, like a glass of water for a person dieng in desert.
I had gone through the same experience. I can feel these stories here. I don't have enough words to tell what surrogacy is for me. When I was like its an end, it give me a way, a hope. I would recommend it to every Infertile women. Go for it beautiful ladies."
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