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Whooping cough vaccinations Lock Rss

Im forced to show a receipt to prove to my sister and her husband that I have had a whooping cough injection...she had my nephew over a week ago , but won't allow my mum and I to see him until after 3 months ...I'm sure whooping cough was around when I had my son nearly 6 yrs ago, and yet no-one told us that my sister had to have an injection and needed to prove to me she had it..there's a lot more to my sisters situation but thought I share what we are going through with it...hope your mum goes and has one but its up to mum has also had her whooping cough vaccine...
Debtay2013 that's a bit harsh not letting you see him until after 3 months, most vaccines take affect in 2 weeks, the boostrix which protects against whooping cough, diphtheria, tetanus and hepatitus b only takes 2 weeks, my doctor told me in my third tri when I had it done, that's why they make you have it in the last few weeks of your pregnancy, I would be telling your sister that's very unreasonable as you've had it done, and it lasts for 5 years so if you've had it in the last 5 years your protected.
Just thought I would say that lol

Oops I meant Baileys mummy.. Lol

Yeah suxs at the moment as all I want to do is give my sister a big hug and give my new little nephew the biggest hug ever and welcome him to this world, not even seen a photo of him.. sad it's not that my mum and wouldn't of gotten the vaccine, but to be told we had to show her our receipt for it, like she doesn't trust us, would never put him in harms be told the last two months of her pregnancy that we weren't allowed to contact her to see how she was be shouted at down the phone one week after he was born, that if we contact them via anyway she would call the cops on us..and to top that off to find out my grandma ( my mum's mum) was rung up and told by my sister she had her son and we got told 24hrs later via text he was born the night before has us so hurt and very upset.. But I guess when I think that it, even if we didn't have to get a vaccine, would we still see our nephew/ grandson , proberely not until they wanted us to see him.. We only live ten mins up the rd from them, which makes it harder on mum and I
I would be very cautious about any one being around my newborn (when I finally have one) with out being vax'd. It will be a sore point with our family's when it comes time to talk about this, but I won't back down. My mum caught whooping just a few years ago, she suffered enough, I can't imagine a tiny bebe having it.
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