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is 'lily' too popular now in nz?

Hi guys, I had my heart set on Lily as a name for our baby girl, having thought it was quite uniq...

5 replies

I like Leila Grace but also Leila Scout


Private Obgyn vs Private Midwife

Hi Everyone, Could you please give me you opinion on having private obstetrician vs a private mi...

5 replies

Sam_Walters wrote: Thanks @Christiiee. You can choose to have a private midwife. ?? Are you based on the Gold Coast? No, I'm ...


2nd miscarriages in a row....scared to try again

Hi ladies, so am currently recovering from my 2nd miscarriage within 6 months. My first was a mmc...

3 replies

Hi dear. I am really sorry for the losses. I can understand your agony very well and I know you are going through the bad phase in l...


When did you let your toddler walk at the shops

My 14 month old has been walking from 9 months old but everytime we go to the shops he sits In hi...

1 reply

my 16 month old isn't walking around confidently yet, so she's happy sitting in her pram. i know my sister let her kids wa...


4 days late... negative home pregancy test

A few months ago i miscarriaged... we have started trying again and now im 4 days late... i did a...

2 replies

Hello dear. I can understand your condition very well. I am really sorry for lose in your life. I know it is the dream of every woma...

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