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Huggies Support

Have you travelled long haul with a young baby?

We/ve just had a forum member write in with an interesting question and we thought we would ask y...

3 replies

Great thanks so much for your replies! Misshassett wrote: Hi, I have justcomw back from Ireland with my 5 month old boy. He was 12 ...

Huggies Support

Did you get pregnant with PCOS?

We are trying to use the forum to build stories of hope and inspiration for potential mums who ha...

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I have PCOS and have two children with another one on the way. My PCOS mainly affected my fertility as I'm not hugely overweigh...


Itchy while pregnant

Hi everyone, im 27 weeks pregnant been extremely itchy since i was 23 weeks . I've been doin...

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Hi I think you need to find a doctor who will take time to listen to your concerns. Firstly phenergan is a category C medication ...


7 wks got a cold/ and cramping gone

Hi everyone This is my first pregnancy and just had a couple questions. Firstly I got a head col...

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Hi Jess_Schoo, I too am in my first trimester and have a cold. I've been off of work for two days. I haven't had any sic...


surrogacy after multiple MCs

Hi everyone! I’m looking for info about surrogacy. I had 3 miscarriages in last 8 years. Doctors ...

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I'm sorry about your losses. I understand why you decided to turn to surrogacy. I think that it's not a problem to go abro...

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