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Nano and Micro Premmie Nappies, for the tiniest premmie babies

Each year in Australia, over 26,000 babies* are born premature – some too early to be hugged. Premmie babies are so delicate, the only clothing that touches their skin is a nappy. Huggies believes in leaving no baby unhugged, so this inspired us to create our tiniest nappy yet – the Nano Premmie Nappy.

Our Nano Premmie nappies are specially designed and developed in partnership with NICU nurses in the US. After extensive research and interviews with medical professionals and neonatal therapists, we have designed a nappy for premature babies under 900 grams, providing the optimal fit for healthy growth development. Our Nano Premmie Nappies allow premmies to grow in comfort while accommodating for medical leads and tubes in the incubator.

Our Nano Premmie Nappy also features specially-sized fasteners and a narrow pad for more flexibility. This allows the baby to comfortably curl into a foetal tuck—the natural and most calming position for babies.

Because these nappies are worn by the most fragile premmies, we produce them with extra care. Our Nano Premmie production is not like every other production we have. We shut down the line and inspect, fold and pack each one by hand. It’s a very slow process, but it’s worth it for these babies.

Proud partner of Life’s Little Treasures Foundation

Life’s Little Treasures Foundation is an Australian charity dedicated to providing support, friendship and information for families of premature or sick babies. Together with this foundation, Huggies will be supporting families of premmies. Find out more at www.lifeslittletreasures.org.au.


Our nappy range for premmies

Our Nano Premmie Nappies and Micro Premmie Nappies are designed for premature babies only available to hospitals.

Huggies Premmie Nappies can be purchased from hospitals, Baby Bunting and Chemist Warehouse.

Nano Premmie (up to 900g)

Micro Premmie (up to 1.8kg)

Premmie (up to 3kg)

*Australian Institute of Health and Welfare 2016. Australia’s mothers and babies 2014—in brief. Perinatal statistics series no. 32. Cat no. PER 87. Canberra: AIHW.