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Avatar Jenif...
Still dealing with the 40 minute nap

My son is 5 months and has been having 40 minute naps since he was 5-6 weeks old. Ive tried alot of different things to get him to sleep longer. Now he just has 4 40 minute naps a day he is mostly fine during the day but he can get quite grumpy. He used to be a good sleeper at night until 5 weeks ago he now wakes between 3-5 times. With this and the short naps im pretty tired. Im starting to wonder if i should pay for a baby sleep consultant I have spoken to one she says it will take only 7 days but im still skeptical. What should I do???

Jane ...
Answer: Hi, If you're considering pay for a sleep consultant then also look at the options of getting a referral to a residential facility which is Medicare funded. You'd need a referral from your CHN to go and there's usually a waiting list but if money is an issue this may be a more realistic option for you. There's not much which you can do to extend 40 minute sleep periods. Other than not going in too quickly and thinking about how the baby goes off to sleep in the first instance. If he always needs to be fed, rocked, nursed or cuddled to sleep and then is placed into his cot already asleep then this is likely to be impacting. And if he has a dummy and then wakes up when it falls out of his mouth then again, this may be influencing his current sleeping behaviours. Check the Huggies site for more comprehensive information on sleep and settling, in particular the strategies around responsive sleeping management and comfort settling. Best Jane
Answered: 14 May 2015