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Small Miracles Foundation

Small Miracles Foundation

Light a Candle is a brand new initiative of the Small Miracles Foundation, a non-profit charity which provides telephone and face-to-face grief counselling and support for those dealing with pregnancy and birth issues.

Internationally acclaimed Australian parenting expert and author Pinky McKay, who is also an ambassador for the Foundation’s Light a Candle campaign, launched the month and said almost all Australians had some experience of the issues associated with pregnancy and child birth.

“Most of us have been touched, or know someone who has been touched, by the struggle to conceive, the trauma of a premature birth, or tragically, the loss of a much-wanted baby,” said Ms McKay.

“that’s really what National Pregnancy Loss Awareness Month is about – making sure those who have suffered loss, as well as their family and friends, know they are not alone and that there is help available to support them,” said Ms McKay.

Those who have suffered a loss, or who wish to support family members or friends who have, can phone 1300 266 643 to share their story and light a candle. on their behalf.