Children’s Medical Research Institute

Located next to The Children’s Hospital at Westmead, Sydney, The Children’s Medical Research Institute (CRMI) is an independent organisation committed to unlocking the mysteries of diseases. The Institute’s scientists investigate conditions such as birth defects, cancer, and epilepsy.

Their philosophy is that major advances in prevention and treatment come from research into the fundamental processes of life. The institute conducts fundamental genetic research to understand the genes important for health and development, and the underlying cause of disease.

One in twenty children born in Australia suffers from some kind of chronic disease or congenital abnormality like cleft palate, epilepsy and cancer.

By studying key changes that occur during development, CMRI can identify when, where and how faults occur. If small problems can be detected at this stage, they could be prevented from becoming big problems or treated to reduce their impact on our children’s quality of life.

Their work is made possible by a community of supporters and Jean for Genes